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UNIQSO introduction

Hi Dollies

i'm pretty sure some of you heard about UNIQSOits an online shop for Contact Lenses and related products such as (Accessories, Eyeliner, Eyeshadow, Fake Eyelashes, Mascara, etc)

Previously Based in Malaysia. They ship Worldwide.

They have so many Circle Lens Brands and a wide range of Series and Designs to choose from!

Free Sheseido Facial Comphehensive Repair Mask  (Whitening, Anti-Blackhead & Acne) for $50 purchase.

Uniqso Mission - "Let's be UNIQUE"

Here are some helpful Links for you gals

Wish List

i have two series in mind

My fave colors: Grey and Blue

i like how the ring have a vintage English-Medieval feel design into it
reminds me of old english guns or one of my all time favorite anime "Hell Sing"

Gathered some photos, Don't they look Gorgeous?
When i see this series i always imagine Mermaids! Perfection!
My Fave Colors are Gray and Brown (as usual lol)

Of Course they have Different Designs and Brands!
The Series above are just my wish list.

Brands and Series Such as
Barbie Brand
Beuberry Brand
Cafe Mimi Brand
Dolly Eye Brand
GEO Medical Brand
I.Fairy Brand
Kawayii Brand
Kimchi Brand
Princess Mimi Brand

Q: Would you wear this? 
What is your favorite Circle Lens Color?

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i Dont Bite hehe~ Thankies~

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