Movie Review | Pacific Rim 2013 IMAX SM North Edsa




Day i watched | Saturday July 13th 8pm

Director: Guillermo del Toro (Director of HellBoy which i am a fan o
Genre: Action & Adventure, Science Fiction & Fantasy 
Running Time: PG-13, 2 hr. 11 min.

Main Cast
Charlie Hunnam as Yancy Becket
Rinko Kikuchi as Mako Mori

Ron Perlman as Hannibal Chau
Diego Klattenhoff as Raleigh Becket
Idris Elba as Stacker Pentecost
Charlie Day as Dr. Newton Geiszler
Burn Gorman as Gottlieb

As a war between humankind and monstrous sea creatures wages on, a former pilot and a trainee are paired up to drive a seemingly obsolete special weapon in a desperate effort to save the world from the apocalypse. (Credits to imdb)

Why did i watch this?
i am kind of a Geek. i do not collect Gundams nor Godzilla Figures (because probably i am a girl)
But i do like them and i know of them! i even have a Godzilla shirt.
This looks cool and its been ages since someone decided to actually do a decent movie on Giant Monsters and Mecha!

One word...impressive!

Story-line and Characters
Very Simple Story Line. But i think there is a reason behind it, so that most people (who are not otaku) will understand the story well.

Its pretty much the usual characters that you see in an anime or manga...Black Guy as leader or Captain, White guy as Hero, Asian Girl as partner, Scientist Dudes, and a Black MarketTrader. But the characters were effective.

Anyway i can not ignore thinking about "Shingeki No Kyojin" because of the Jaeger term.

My Fave Jaeger Team? The Russian! They look cool white hair and couples? or siblings? Who cares! i love them!

About the Ending. i Dislike it!..(i don't want to be a spoiler so i wont be saying much)

2D-3D Effects

Yet there are scenes which the Kaiju / Monster skin looks like plastic, but that was just a scene or two.

in my opinion Idris Elba's acting was superb! And a surprise appearance of Ron Perlman just made my day! The lead actor and actress, uhmm stiff acting but acceptable. Yet still i can think of other actor and actress as better leads (maybe its a budget problem).

The Australian Guy and the Lead Actor look a like. i was confused for couple of scenes...

RATE 4.5 / 5

Do i recommend this?
HECK YA! You gotta IMAX this one!

Funny Moments and Not
i love Hannibal Chau moments (you gotta stay after the credits a little he has a cute scene)

When i saw Capt. Stacker in a Jaeger Pilot Suit entering before he made his speech, he turned around right? i was like "Dat Ass!" and i dont know why lol XD

After the movie, i was waiting in line at the snack bar, Otaku Guy passed by and i heard him say "in Gundam, you just have to sit." Meaning too much effort for piloting a Jaeger. im like a Jaeger is bigger than Gundam, Gundam is like just a leg of a Jaeger. Correct me if im wrong. But the Drift thing is way cooler than just sitting down operating a machine via buttons like its a factory. Or a helmet brain thing only (no movements) This seems more realistic than the others. Dont you think?

Two Girls on my left were so annoying! i think she said it 3 to 4 times on different scenes, after a cool scene she will say "AZTIIIG" in a loud voice (which means Cool in tagalog/filipino language), and in my head i was thinking "Dude You're not in your house!" i just want to punch her not hush her! But since i am an angel, i did not do anything. Well i looked at her few times, i don't know if she noticed that.


Pretty Big but where the heck is the seats? You guys been running this theater for a long time now and did not bother to add some? i heard from other bloggers too about this issue. Although i got to sit down but other people were sitting on the floor.

Snack Bar

IMAX Seats
Comfy? Yes. However not for my feet, comfy for my back only.

But the space between the front and back seat is kind of small, when someone is passing by on your back they will bump on ur seat.

Size is fine. Bigger than usual.

Superb! You can tell its different from the usual theaters.

2D-3D Effects

Polite but kind of slow.
They saw me trying to find my seat, did not offer me help, they were like standing poles or display.

Rest Rooms
Did not get the chance to go ahaha sorry

Ticketing and Price
400 pesos (No Food Included) 

Final Conclusion
Great Effects and Sounds!
Kind of a hassle with seats.
Kind of a hassle with lounge.
Snack Bar have limited choices.

Price is kind of Expensive for not including popcorn and drink.

Lazy boy is 300-350 with unlimited popcorn and drink, if you want to watch something Super Comfortably (Eastwood Mall)

My Experience was fun although my seat was kinda not that comfortable.
i will Recommend to watch here for Heavy Effects movies such as this one only.
But for usual movies? nah..
Btw i heard MOA seats are better.

P.S.- its my first IMAX hehe and yes other foods are allowed inside, i bought McDonals Fries and Nuggets. nom nom nom lol.

Wearing a high-waist

crappy editing in seconds...defeated.

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