Japanese Snacks! Arcade + Virtual Tour Chotto Stop Makati (Rilakkuma, Doraemon, One Piece, Udon, Tea, Bread, etc)


Hi Dollies

Here is an entry of some things i did last month lol late post~
Anyway i rarely go to the Arcades, at least every year i do once to thrice.
i feel nostalgic when im there, it always remind me of my first year college days
with my friends Hazel, Anne, Paulo, and Joey. Mostly Hazel loves to play the Capcom and she is excellent with it, she beats up any guy! Her fave char is Wolverine.

Anyway me? i just play Air Hockey (i've been playing this since im little)
And just couple of random Arcades games: UFO Catcher (im bad at it lol),
Mole Smasher (im an expert joke XD)
i even play the Bowling but the real one is more fun hehe
i do play Guitar Hero now yay :D

if you did not know i grew up during my kinder days playing Super Nintendo Family Computer. During Primary School Play Station 1 and 2. My Dad and Half brother(mom side) are gamers. One when my Dad sneaked during midnight to play on my PS1 and he played..."a Bugs Life" lol :))) And of course he finished the Yakult stock from the fridge.

PSP played lots of Tekken during my Makati Days 2009-2010

i did not buy Playstation 3 and so on because i have no time to play now, and even if i did i don't feel like playing anymore. i think i will be drawn again to it and not be active in anything else. i finished lots of games btw. And yes i play NFS. No Zombie games aside from the Arcade. i cant play long hours on PS with those things coz i have a Sleeping Paralysis condition.

Fave song "Sunshine of your love"
its so unfair though! In Robinsons we can only play 1 song
But at SM Mega you can play unlimited songs as long as your score is high enough

me hehe

playing like a sir...le me again ahaha!

Lookie Cute Panda Strawberry Candy

Japanese Grocery
Chotto Stop

Finally i went to a Japanese Snack Place woohooo!

Japanese Snacks are so much better than other countries!
Yes i said it. 
The quality and unlimited flavors~
And the way they pack things, they are very considerate, clean, and professional,
above all so Cute and Kawaii.

They Think About Everything here in Japan. - Benji.

Since we came in very late like 10 minutes before the closing i was in such a hurry, sorry for blurry photos. Even if im late it was ok for me since i got to witness them re-stocking for tomorrow. The Japanese men just came in with boxes and such, i was like...i am not where i think i am :)) kono kanji... XD They work Fast Like Ninjas

Almost Everything they sell is 80 pesos each only! which is US $2
i love my Kitsune Udon! its 120 pesos in usual Groceries like SM Hypermart but here its 80!
Bad Luck my wallet was almost done for lol, if only not...i shall buy everything O_O

P.S. - They also sell frozen japanese food, ingredients, rice toppings, etc.

so many to choose from kyaaaa!
OK ill confess i am a Ramen/Udon Psychopath! My parents used to buy me boxes
till it became bad for my health and they actually banned me. sigh...
But that was a long time ago, although i still Love Love this food!

(tagalog confession)
pinaglihi daw ako sa ganito sabi ni mama kaya kulot lol...come on! my dad is afro :))

Chocolate daah! i think there was actually more choices, but since im late..

Soda desu, very interesting flavors, Sakura kawaii~
im not really a fan of sweets and soda drinks (Acidic) but its kawaii!!!

hmm i can only read Katakana...Chicken! :)) i think the ones above are squid
and fish (guessing) man i have to study Hiragana and Kanji soon~
i need time to study!



Lol Jesus and Budha Cute Mode!

Cuteness Tiger Cutie Cute~

(insert Little Cute Mouse Voice) uhmmm taskete~ :))
btw this is a Mouse Trap from the Home Section

i have no idea why i did not buy some pudding...

Pudding sigh...pudding~

My Basket

aMz Otaku Gets
Items: 13 / Budget PHP 1,040 / Approx US $26

The yogurt pack is considered as one item (3 yogurt = 80 pesos only)

The Coffee and Green tea were too strong for my taste.

Pocky is bigger than the usual ones i previously bought, it has 2 packets inside
totally worth the money hehe

nom nom nom!!! HAPPY SHALALALA! 

i am not a regular One Piece Viewer but i like this anime.
i always watched Snoopy when i was little and even have the Kids Snoopy Encyclopedia.
Grew up watching Doraemon, that robo cat hehe, couldn't resist!
And of course Rilakkuma! Korilakkuma kawaiii~
Ok Ja ne~ gotta go now, imma eat everything up!  Just kiddin' hihi~


BEST Strawberry Yogurt ive tasted so far!


The thing i am interested in the most aside from French Macarons and Opera Cake,
which are both granted. i became kinda obsessed with French Pastry since 2008
Thanks to the Anime "Yumeiro Patissiere"

looks yummy! its so complicated to make~
They were ever so fluffy like its freshly baked. i love Japan!

One Piece

One Piece Gummy Magic Fuit Candy

Chopper looks so cute with his Purple Shirt

Rilakkuma / リラックマ

Strawberry / ichigo 

Snoopy x Pocky

This was so good! and look how cute the back!
You can cut-out the hands and put it on the side of your bag to display/store

Which Snack is your Favorite? ;)

My Kitten Macchiato~ So fluffy!
i posted a video of him on my instagram hehe 

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