Despicable Me 2 Review + Mc Donald's Minion Toys + Minion Videos


i only have 4 so far, going to update this soon.
The toys are Out of Stock almost Everywhere since this Monday.
And last weekend i only found one which is TOM Googly Eyes.

Honestly a Diet Ruin-er and Money Muncher Minions Mania!
i only Bought a Happy Meal because of the Minions! Like almost everyone i know.
i rarely eat in Mcdonals.
Even SM has Tumbler with 4 different toy toppers, i want just one. And im not sure if KFC offering a Minion Bucket or Monsters Inc?

Philippines Minions

Australia Minions

Some of my toy collector friends are furious because Ausi have more toys but for me its ok.

My fist minion Tim

Evil Chomper and Dave

Pocky Box mini collection and 5 out of 7 from my Minions

Gold Chibi Brick Bear is furious *__*

Cute Minion Videos

 Tim/Kevin is so evil lol

poor Stuart!

bananana!!! bapple!!


i went with my family to watch this on July 4th Thursday Night.

Why did i watch this?
i Loved the first movie! So its a must to watch the second one. And everyone has been waiting for this, you can see so much advertisement going on. i am so curious because there is so little in the trailers.

in 3D it was ok.

Not a fan of the whole story. it can be improved in some parts.

Some fun surprises/characters. And Cute Minion Clips.

2D-3D Effects
The beginning was Genius! Like on a 3D ride. most of the Movie is the usual 3D thing, no Flying objects awww...

4/5 Starts Rating Only
i liked the minion moments the most. But the villain is just a blow off, Victor/Vector was way better. They should have used a much more effective new villain. The Climax fight is corny too. Everything else was ok. i Love the ending song by the minions and the bubble moments. (ok no more spoilers).

Do i recommend this?
Because i am a big fan of cute Minions, its a must! if your also a fan you gotta watch this in 3D.

its a very great movie for family and kids so i recommend this! 
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