Weekend: ATV All Terrain Vehicle + RANT!

How yall doing ladies? ;D how was your weekend? my weekend was kinda hectic but all good, actually this week was busy with business whew! Saturday went with my friends to try driving an All Terrain Vehicle, i did a little shopping before driving, the mall was crowded and i was just waiting for my friends to come so i only had limited time. After that had dinner at Spaghetti House which i will post about later when i get the photos :)

i like the Gears hehe they look kinda cute, and lol to my photo on the right its a Sailor Moon thing, character change-o XD its so funny! i cant believe i posed like that wahahaha!!

it was very rainy this Saturday, we started like 6pm, the field was filled with water, and mini mud lakes, which for me was so fine! Challenge Accepted! Yahhh Boyyy!! Woooshhhh~ and there goes my original shoes :)) ended up almost a tragedy for  my shoes, mud shower hihihi, the trick was to drive while your legs are up but that will look and feel awkward to me. it was fun :D

Nice Ride!

THE RANT (Long Post, read only if you use Vouchers)
1. i bought two vouchers for 
the deal was for this ATV ride, 10 laps P500 but bought in the voucher site for P250, i bought two vouchers. It toke forever to get the voucher, like a week! and not just that! they said i only paid for ONE voucher, but i paid for two so i sent them the proofs, the replied email of my purchase quantity TWO vouchers, and omg until now they have not done anything with this issue. 

2. i used the ONE voucher that they sent me. Me and my friends were surprised to know that the price was originally P250 and they sold it on the voucher site en.so.go as SALE P250 also? and we thought value of P500? ano kalokohan itoh tehhh? They are luring people huh..P250 for 10 laps same price.

3. The staff of G.G. or G.lo.bal. G.ut.z were not so accommodating, maybe they were tired already but the heck its their job. Ms Richie was very accommodating but there was a low-life staff or whatever who said two words behind me, and he thought i didnt hear it? his in luck because my hearing ability is so sharp! sharper than average ahaha! so i looked at him while im talking to my friend, but i was looking at the low-life person and told my friend "you know what i heard someone said this and that.." pahiya ka kuya!

in Short
i am sharing this to warn you ladies from en.so.go site, dont buy from them unless you want to get frustrated like us hehe. i wont buy from them anything ever! im sharing my experience, i literally had to send them 10 emails and go to twitter and ask them twice, if you go to their facebook page youll see the comments from other buyers.

If your from Marikina and you want to try ATV at G.G. its in between SM Marikina and River Banks, lower ground near the parking area.

*Come in groups like group of 6 or more much better, there is a staff member that might spark a fight with the customers.
*Be there afternoon till 4pm, if its rainy bring rain boots, and extra shirt, pants, etc.

P250 - 10 laps
P500 - 1 hour

*Take the 10 laps even though the staff will tell you 1 hour is more than 10 laps, it toke me  30minutes for  3 laps. But its really up to you :)

if ever i will go drive an ATV that will be not in G.G. Marikina thats for sure =P
so gals after reading this its up to you, ATV is really fun if you have one near your place, go there :D 

if you bought anything from en.so.go, how was it? if you buy vouchers online, what is your trusted company?
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