Shirota Yu

i Like him ever since Hana Kimi, then without knowing his in the cast of the other J Dramas that i watch, i watched him again and again and he was too cute X3
-High School Samurai, his character was a very weak boy, and being bullied all the time, which im not used to, but somehow his really really cute!
-Arakawa Under the Bridge, i was shocked his the one playing the character "Sister", it suits him so much ahihihi, i did not finish this series because its too odd for me, the whole thing..incase your fan of Sano from Hana Kimi his playing a "Kappa" a jap creature which looks like half human half turtle XD so damn funny!

i love how asian oriental blood and his Spanish mix made him! if my mom married a jap guy ill prolly look like him somewhat coz my mom grandfather is pure spanish

-i still did not finish Tokyo Dogs, not in the mood for ep 9
-i finished last night the Korean Drama "Personal Taste" of course someone has to be hit by a vehicle, and they did go ice-skating (typical korean drama scenes) but all in all it was worth it :D
-i dont know what to watch anymore lol i tried watching last month Otomen, and Yanki Kun, also couple of things but i didnt continue it, just till ep 4 or 5. Maybe i should try Tantei? or continue the Friendly Vampire?..guh its too serious..

To Shirota Yu
i am available for a whole day date! just one date..i cant give you any promises after that lolz :)) joke lang..hay Japan baket andami gwapo dun? i dont even have any local celebrity in philippines that i have a crush on. and i dont watch any local channels..what is wrong with me? ahaha!

for my other celebrity crushies:
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