Mid month Haul (MAC, Etude, Nivea, Yakult, etc)

did not try the MAC Sf yet but i will ;) bought the little baggie thing coz i have weakness with tiny stuffs sigh...

i asked for someone to shop for me at watsons and do grocery for me hehe..lucky~

♥ Kleenex Acqua Hand & Face Moist Wipes (i usually buy watsons default wet tissues, coz i just use them to clean my brushes while im doing makeup)

♥  Nivea  visage toner, i dont have a toner because i have an oily skin and i thought skipping it was ok, and also since i only use makeup in weekends or when i go out. but i have a feeling i needed a toner so i thought ill try this one, saw a post on Jes Blog  i started to use it today :D its not as harsh as the toners my previous dermatologists use to advice me on using.

♥  Diamond orange peel & L-Glutathione, Thiamere posted about this product, and it looks promising, i dont have so much acne or so but since its gluta i think i need this for my red spots, earlier this year 2011 i used original kojic soap, and it does work and i had no red spots but i really felt it was too harsh for my skin so i stopped using it.

♥ Green tea Bubzie swears that drinking healthy can help your skin, she drinks green tea and said it gave her a great change, so im really going to try green tea now! although i dont like drinking too much tea and coffee and im half arabian :)) odd isn't?

♥ finess oil control SHEETS a must have for my oily skin type

♥ face massager kin t which i fail in using on a daily basis..darn XD

♥ flash light-lantern hic really useful, since it was rainy last couple of weeks i thought we might experience a black out so this one can come in handy hehe

Bought from Aigoo Shoppe owned by blogger Val  ;) thank you dear ^^

because these things are kinda pricey in Etude, i dont usually buy them, but since its a blog sale i decided to try them out :) the sophie martin lipstick is for my sis <3

i bought it! its pre-order so im hoping to get soon huhu, i wanted a cute box with red blush on,

im having problems with light pink blushies they dont show up..i really need something pigmented and bolder colors for a change, might result well ;)

kawaii Thinggies

sonna kottoh~ subarashi yakult! i love yakult so much and even
my dad loves yakult! he looks so cute while drinking yakult
and his 50 and an arab guy ahaha! Like father, Like daughter :)
Dont worry Be Happy! Hakuna Matata! hehehe


yahoo! Retro Stuff!!! Wire Organizer? hehe its too cute, im a fan of casets!
born in the 80's and is so Retro yah boy! lolz 

cant wait to use most of these :"> i hope this week or next im able to visit Megamall, im planing on a week day, its really crowded in the weekend, i cant shop well :))

December best month to shop! Everrrr! Sale here and there..if only i can RAWR!

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