My status ♥

Old photo of me, i want to shoot some thing like this again soon ;)

amz mood
i want to go to the mall but this weekend is crowded, and im busy this coming monday, so i might go on tuesday..10yrs :)) i want to shop, eat, and so on..relaxin'
Excited! im getting 2 packages next week, MAC Quite Cute blush ons, Sleek Palette, etc
Picking up something from Tony Moly and hopefully Skin Food :D
1 package this new year or last week Dec for Hard Candy Fox in a Box Blush!

quote of the day
(insert spartan voice while attacking) Great God of (falls down) . . .SHIT! XD
Chuck Norris is so tough when you look to his eyes you see a fist!

today i watch Fairy Tail Ep110 i think, the latest
also watched movie "Jack and Jill" i recommend it! i thought it was not worth watching at first because i did not like the trailer

listening to
a sandglass of fate - U album by Shirota Yuu
sexy music! with spanish background music and mafia hat :P gotta love the themed chess concept which reminds me..i need to visited the chess themed resto that ive been wanting to visit

Whats Next?
posting some makeup reviews soon, i just need to picture some swatches :) 
and will show my collection of makeup and cutie stuff i collected from mid year till this month

ill try to post these 5 things in the end of every post i make (mood, quote, music, watching, and whats next)
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