i won in Tony Moly facebook page + Blog Buttons Updated

the contest i won yay! 

Finally i won something TT^TT its been ages hehehe, now i feel hope! i won the Buzziest Elves promo! :D im glad i joined this contest :"> sharing my hapiness! moe moe~ Kyunn beam~~~~~<3

You can join too! This contest is on going! mini bunny Hand Cream+Tony Moly Notepad is on going! To Join check out the link https://www.facebook.com/Tonymolyphilippines

im restraining to shop this season although sale is everywhere. As a single parent for my 3 sisters, any occasion is my spending, ill be shopping for them buy them new bags and watch a movie, ill also buy noche buena at mega noche so gambare~ atashi~ i need to pay bills pa ahaha! enough ranting =P

i updated my buttons, the buttons are below my blog banner, and you might notice the buttons got smaller, and i added new buttons including: Accessories, Skin Care, and a Home button. i hope this helps some of you in browsing.

To find a specific review/product/topic
-Use the buttons above
-Categories on the side
-Brand Names on the side
-Search Bar

im trying to make my blog look organized somehow, i think it is..? hehe 

P.S. - for college students! study hard! 1 week lang ang exam, do your best!! aja! fighting!
i have two sisters in college, im already grad ;)
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