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This is one of my favorite anime! i am currently watching this and Fairy Tail only..gosh the rest of the anime these days could not meet me anime suitable for my generation i guess lolz

i tried watching the other night "Tiger and Bunny" because a friend of mine recommended it, the drawing style is very good but i am not into stories like this, coz im not a fan of Gundam, Voltes 5..etc you know what i mean, besides the story was all politics/showbiz related heroes..not my thing.

Anyway back to "Working" =P

two this that i always look for in an anime or JDrama
1. super entertaining
2. very unique

Anime Setup:
they are all working in wagnaria as a part-time or full time but working here is really fun compared to real life it sucks lolz

Sanji i mean the yellow hair chef guy, he really reminds me of sanji from One Piece..
the characters are really unique
-there is an ex yankee
-a perfect kind girl but with a samurai sword

-a normal girl but really is short shes not lolli (unlike most anime the short girls look too much lolli and wear overly kiddie stuffs)
-another short hair normal girl, no boobs XD but she is not so normal she have a man phobia
-a guy who looks normal and think he is normal but he is obsessed with cute things, little things, and cute animals.
-blue hair guy might look nice but he is "i know everything about everyone" type of guy, so probably your secret? he already knows it :))
-shimatah almost forgot about Yamada and her Brother..mystery indeed..

-ktanashi kun sisters
  -Lawyer (Hot headed)
  -Novel Writer (looks gothic lolita)
  -Tall Elementary student (Very responsible)

i definitely recommend this! try watching it ;)
my fave thing about this show is Sano kun and Yachiyo love team :">
Season 1 - so LSS/last song syndrome with the lyrics "someone! sam one one one!"
Season 2 - running, currently as of Dec 4, 2011 today Ep10 subbed

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