Tony Moly Clean Dew Lemon Seed Foam Cleanser


its around Php 178 / $4.11 (size 150ml)

♠ Affordable
♠ little amount goes a long way, it can last for about 1-2 months if daily used i think
♠ lightens up your skin, leaves your skin with a fresh feeling, and fresh look
♠ Not so over powering smell, smells little bit like lemon candy just a hint, but more on lemoney cosmetic smell if that makes sense, but its really not a big deal i actually like the smell
♠ controls my oily face for hours even better than the cleansers i used previously
♠ as a cleanser it does the job well

♠ Contains Paraben, for people who are paraben conscious you might not like this
♠ it leaves your skin a little rough but i guess thats how lemon works and its reason for controlling my oily face for hours

i like this product, it controls oil for hours and to think this week is so hot, im glad im using this one! i think it reduced my red spots a little but can not fully make it disappear.
i dont recommend this one for Dry skin instead use Olive Seed because the lemon is a little drying.
its a great product as a cleanser, its not very mild nor harsh, its in between of the two.
the texture is a little bit liquid form, more liquid than the cleansers i have used in the past.

Dry Skin - Olive Seed
Oily Skin - Tea tree Seed
Normal Skin - Lemon Seed

Will i repurchase?
i would! but i also want to try something else and see if it will work on my red spots.

 _ hearts out of 5

Q: if you gals use this what do you think of it? if you you use something similar or prefer something else pls share :)
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