Cute and Funny Photos

awww Banana Dog =P

Hey! its a Baby Shark! awww
AHAHAHA!! love it!
its too cute O_O
omg Bunny Got angry :P i need to HUG the bunny now =P

WOAH! maybe your dog can talk and walk when your not looking? hehe

Someone told me this is at Farmers Cubao! Good Luck! it looks so annoying kainis

im very busy with lots of business and family stuffs but ill be blogging soon about everything under the sun hehe :P im also creating some buttons for this blog ^^

ja ne minnah~ see yah! oh btw have you heard about 11.11.11 event at Bancheto? it seems like all is reserved for the lanterns, i want to watch that show :D omg!! i might go there after North Edsa and Trinoma

i wonder what you gals are planning for that 11.11.11 day hehe
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