America's Next Top Model Cycle 17 (All-Stars) Music Videos!

Hollah ladies its time to be Fierce! ;)

i know half of the gals here since i did not watch cycle 2 onwards, but i think i was back watching it from cycle 9 and so on

Allison shes just so adorable! kawaii creepy chan lovely in photos she just needs to learn and thats all <3
she maybe not suitable to be a supermodel but she is a pretty model and shes just so cuddly and cute in and out only a lil' creepy like me :">

Models im excited about aside from Allison

Alexandria Everrett C16
She is Hillarious! i love the fights, shes just misunderstood, because shes always been a single parent to her siblings, the only thing is she have this "must get too involved in anything" literally even some other peoples work. she checks the camera, the lights, the set come on! thats not your job gurl, just relax ;)

Angelea Preston C14
i supah love her guts! love love her being in the show, with out her its boring, she just need some anger management but she did got it, besides the woman lost something special thats why shes like this and no one can understand that of course if they did not know

Dominique Reighard C10
You go gurl! no matter what others say! you still made it ;) but you gottah stop complaining and go full force! youll be much more successful but hey everyone complain from time to time right?

Sheena Sakai C11
mah home gurl! yo yo yo!!! i love her personality shes so fun to watch and i bet shes so kind and fun in real life

Isis King C11
The guy or transgender, the only one so far. i dont have nothing against this person, he is pretty and he have loads of courage and a big heart.
in one Tyra Show episode he had an argument with a model, i forgot her name, anyway he said "im not a mistake, GOD does not make mistakes!" i was hoping for the other model to talk back but she did not and so Isis won the argument i guess? My Answer to what she said "Exactly! God Does not make mistakes, he made you a man. you made your self the other way which was not his will. you made the mistake God didnt!" thats my opinion.

Kayla Ferrel C15
Lesbian, she is a good model and sport gal shes not u know all dramatic like the other gals and buhu when they are afraid or something happened.

im not so familiar with the lower cycle gals so..hehe thats all

Full Cast

1: Lisa D'Amato C5

2: Bre Scullark C5

3: Angelea Preston C14

4: Shannon Stewart C1

5: Britany Brower C4

6: Camille McDonald C2

7: Allison Harvard C12

8: Isis King C11

9: Sheena Sakai C11

10: Dominique Reighard C10

11: Laura Kirkpatrick C13

12: Alexandria Everrett C16

13: Bianca Golden C9
14: Kayla Ferrel C15

People said Tyra ruined the music video well i agree but what the heck its her show

her voice was ok at first but the music video is no no no not go go go hehe :P

some comments on youtube said that "Her face is between Jennifer Lopez and Sarah Jessica Parker"
she sounds like jlo! and i think this one is the best music video out of all

too  much head banging :P

Who is your Fave gal?
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