Etude House in Japan+About Korean Cleansers+My Rant

Anything goes
♥ Today is Etude House opening in Japan and Sandara was personally there according to a fan on Etude page.

♥ you use shampoo and conditioner on you hair but what about your eyelashes? i use Human Nature Sun Flower oil to remove my eye makeup and it works great, it even removes my waterproof mascara. plus it gives vitamins to my lashes. and sometimes i use it to massage my eyes when im stressed, the whitening properties may not be as good as Garnier rolls but it helps your skin and lashes. Result = Longer and Stronger lashes, much fluffy too all because of vitamins from sun folower yay! 

About Korean Cleansers
♥ i like using Etude Tea Tree for cleansing it leaves a very soft skin but it does not give my skin a glowy look, its kinda dull looking hehe
Etude Vita foam line is made up with more chemicals and kind of harsh on skin but works as a cleanser and leaves my skin glowy and whitening properties are also fine however i need to try something else than "Bite Me" because it contains vitamin E i my face tends to be much more oily than usual. i recommend "Bite Me" for dry skin.
Tony Moly Lemon Seed whitening properties are fine and oil control wise, i bet the tea tree is better for oil control, but this cleanser is so far the one that surpassed the other in controlling my oily face. However it leaves the skin a little rough so i dont recommend this for dry skin, Dry skin- Olive Seed, Oily Skin - Tea tree Seed, Normal skin - Lemon. i was more concerned about the brightening properties so i chose the lemon and also i still have Etude tea tree cleanser.

About Me/Rant
This week is a busy week, i have to finish loads of things and the only way to make my stress go away is by finishing it. i am having a headache because there are so many things i want to do aside from this thing im busy with. so little time, so much things to do...

im also very uninspired this month, i need to re-do my portfolio, but i cant do it right, because my laptop crashed, and then had to reformat, etc etc. i need to do new graphic ads works if possible too, all because im going to apply soon. But im really not in the mood gosh what to do..
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