How i usually look

hollah im back after a week OMG! i found my lost camera wire along with my lost notebook they were in the side of my bed (the space b/w my bed and the wall) and i finally have time to blog T^T i cleaned my drawer and found some lost earrings, movie Dvd, and some other stuffs XD i was actually looking for the earrings a long time ago i thought i lost it outside the house..yattah!

♠ Pony Tail hair, my hair is curly
♠ Eyeglasses im near sighted, i can only see clearly 2-3 feet o_0
♠ Eyeliner, BB cream, loose powder, brow pencil, soft eyeshadow
♠ a little lip prod maybe balm and little blush but lately ive been wearing lipstick again :D
♠ sleeveless
♠ sweater or jacket
♠ some unusual accessories =P
♠ You'll never see me in skirts, i always wear pants, black pants or jeans..boyish huh or just kinda rough fashion. good luck to my girly side XD

What about you gals? whats your usual fashion?
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