Celebrity Crush Hiro Mizushima


honestly speaking this girl reminds me of my neighbors' mother...

he looks like Jun Matsumoto here because of too much lights and photoshop!!


Full Cast!
in case you watch too much JDrama like i do..the twins from "Ouran High School Live" most right
"Shoo" from "Atashinchi no danshi" is the one wearing white hair. The lead girl from "Yamato Nadeshiko Live" is the one on 2nd row most left girl, next to her is Hibari Four leader form "Hana kimi"..gosh i realized i know too many faces..

Hiro with facial hair still likey  hehe but his better without it though :">
oh and of course "Sano" from Hana kami and Conan although i did not watch Conan yet =P

Fist time i saw him?
was back at 2008 TV Drama "Zettai Kareshi" or "Absolute Boyfriend" after i read the manga which is too short, the reason why i read it, and its the only manga that i finished and actually interested in. i dont like reading...

Some people think he is...
Matsumoto Jun from Hana Yuri Dango (i never watched this series im so not interested ahaha) as much as i like Hiro, i dont like Jun..i really dont infact im irritated by his looks and acting, he might look like Hiro from a far but trust me they dont look alike..tsssskkkk!

grew up in Switzerland from age 6-12, likes Soccer, speakes well in English, and writing Hip-Hop lyrics. While modeling as a way to make money to go abroad, he started acting.

TV Drama that i finished with him included..
Zettai Kareshi as Asamoto Soshi (Fuji TV, 2008)
watched it 2008 and yah instant crush lol i only have 3 asian boys i like including him and Shirota Yuu, Jerry Yan

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e as Nanba Minami (Fuji TV, 2007)
Hanazakari no Kimitachi e SP as Nanba Minami (Fuji TV, 2008)
i kinda watched few scenes of this i dont remember what year but that was a very long time ago, anyway i just finished this series this year like a month or 2 ago =P

Mei-chan no Shitsuji as Shibata Rihito (Fuji TV, 2009)
watched it few months ago, and damn it! i am going to admit that i have something for butlers..superrrrrr love him in this, the only thing was i was kinda hating the girl his partner in this because shes so damn lucky..jukshoo!!!

Sad Fact..
his married. but who cares i admire him as an actor and yea as if i have a chance, im so far away from Japan

Right now im watching...
Tokyo DOGS as Kudo Maruo (Fuji TV, 2009)
and im planning to watch Beck (2010) i have to coz i watched the anime series like years ago i think and it was not that bad ;) 

i wonder if his coming back to showbiz but if his not im also ok with it, im possessive that way ahaha HIS MINE! Back off new fan girls! no more new fan gurl yay!!! 

TV Shows

Tokyo DOGS as Kudo Maruo (Fuji TV, 2009)
MR. BRAIN as Hayashida Toranosuke (TBS, 2009)
Zettai Kareshi SP as Asamoto Soshi (Fuji TV, 2009)
Mei-chan no Shitsuji as Shibata Rihito (Fuji TV, 2009)
Hanazakari no Kimitachi e SP as Nanba Minami (Fuji TV, 2008)
Room of King as Mori Jiro (Fuji TV, 2008)
Zettai Kareshi as Asamoto Soshi (Fuji TV, 2008)
Churaumi Kara no Nengajo as Miyashita Kota (Fuji TV, 2007)
Gout Temps Nouveau Drama Special (Fuji TV, 2007)
Hanazakari no Kimitachi e as Nanba Minami (Fuji TV, 2007)
Watashitachi no Kyokasho as Yahata Daisuke (Fuji TV, 2007)
Kanojo to no Tadashii Asobikata as Fujiki Kyouji (TV Asahi, 2007)
Kamen Rider Kabuto as Tendou Souji (TV Asahi, 2006)
Pink no Idenshi as Ikushima Mizuki (TV Tokyo, 2005)
Brother Beat as Yoshi (TBS, 2005)
Ame to Yume no Ato ni (TV Asahi, 2005, ep7)
Gokusen 2 as Misawa Hiro (NTV, 2005) 


Beck (2010)
Drop (2009)
GS Wonderland (2008)
100 Scene no Koi mobile drama (2007)
Kamen Rider Kabuto: God Speed Love (2006)
Lovely Complex (2006)
Hatsu Kare net drama (2006)

information for shows and movies are courtesy of http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Mizushima_Hiro

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