11.11.11 Tous les Jours finally in Philippines

so exciting!!! the first ever TLJ/Tous les Jours Branch in the Philippines!
its well known in Korea, i was excited about this because i love french pastry so much hehe, its the capital place for pastry! Bonjour Paris! Below are some info and photos with prices, please click on the photos to enlarge.

When you enter the store, youre stress well be 70% gone! The tempting smell of the freshly baked goodies and the sight of the beautifully well made cakes, the very accommodating and lovley staff. i must admit i was kinda shy for taking couple of photos of the place, so when i reached the counter i asked them if i could take some photos, the Manager which im sure his korean is really nice..kamsahamnida ^^

"Tous Les Jours" brand was launched in Korea in 1996 to give consumers a totally satisfying bakery experience. It launched an on-site production system for each store, which guarantees the quality of our fresh, delectable cakes made from the finest ingredients. Also, as a domestic leader in the bakery industry with over 1,700 stores, Tous Les Jours established Korea's first, Internet-based Total Information System (TIS) for franchise operations; first bakery mileage card system for consumers; and modeled the development of multi-bakery shops to maximize the reach of its outlets. Through these and other services, Tous Les Jours continues to be a step ahead in technology and service in the domestic Korean industry.


Did you watch "Dream High"? i finished the series and guess what TLJ <3 

Etude Pink Card
how nice..thank you Etude and TLJ

The Store

The Cakes

Tous les Jours Rose Inspiration Fresh Cream Cake..its so pretty!!

The cakes are so pretty!!! the Strawberry, Apple, Rose, and Heart cakes..so girly! Love it! i want to buy but i live so far away, its going to be a disaster, i still want to buy one next time, i wonder how can i keep it cool hmmm. You may notice that all prices ends with number 8, they believe its a lucky number =) Etude prices too ends with number 8 ;)


so yummy! the only downfall, its oily be carful must have a tissue paper

Tous les Jours Milk Bun
They gave me a free milk bun instead a Soboro for the Pink Card which i think is cool hehe, they ran out from soboros.

i prefer the cheese texture over the chocolate one
tried the one most left, it was good, even better than the ones
from the grocery. i chose the white packaging because i was
thinking that the vanilla one might be too mild for me then the
black one might be the other way..too bitter.

refrigerated still..omg i almost forgot!

Wish list
-petite cakes or slice so i could try them all at once joke hehe
-tables and chairs for hanging out
-brewed coffe and some European tea

Location/Map (click photo to enlarge)

if you'll be at SM NE dont forget to drop by Tous les Jous =)

What's your favorite Cake Design from above? I'd like to know hehe and also tell me if you have visited the place already, how was it?

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