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Dont mind me, i am just a fiction character from
Anime "Diabolik Lovers" Where kawaii pastel / Gradient
vampires exist! Orange-Brown-Black Hair and Pink Eyes.

Finally Pink Lenses!

Are you ready for PINK?

 About Beauty Lenses 
"Our online shop is the best place to directly order the most beautiful and stunning aesthetic lenses available from South Our goal is to deliver the highest quality most aesthetically pleasing lenses to you Directly"

i got this a very long time ago, super delayed review, i received it very late, and my reviews were pilled up! Here we go though!

All the way from Korea

Thank you so much BeautyLenses

Before we start the Review

Lets learn!

i got questions regarding this couple of times.
Something that irritates everyone, including me of course!

 How to Open a Circle Lens Vial 

1. Look for the Arrow Sign
2. Push the cap but not too forceful
3. Peel the cap and metal

Trick: i leave the cap attached to one side rather than completely removed
so i can still peel the remaining metal.

Another Tip or trick, if you pulled the cap all the way and its removed. But the metal rim is still there, use Nail Cutter to remove the metal rim, but be careful. We do not want your vial to get broken into pieces. i do this all the time though and i haven't broken anything...yet. lol

Dueba Refreshing Vitamin

inside the Package
- Circle Lens (the star of this post)
- Circle lens Case (transparent with one cap pink) L-R
- Circle lens How to Guide in opening a vial which is so ever helpful and thoughtful!
- Discount Card / Coupon

Back | Front

 My First impression 

i was like hmm it looks so hollow, like the core is too large and wide.
i was worried that the pink or color will not show on my eyes.
i was wrong though! it only looks hollow if its inside the case.

 Wearing Them 

it was easy to wear! And very comfy, Dueba lenses are ever so comfy don't you agree?

Size Comparison | Room Light and Window Light | with Flash

Life Size Chess Anyone?

i've wanted to come here for years but then Ondoy happened.
And all the things in my life that did not allow me to come here.
When i finally visited this place, it was and i do consider it an

will review this place soon.

Let the Gothic-Punk games begin!
p.s. - pls click this photo to zoom in and see the lenses if you like

Origin  South KOREA
Brand Refreshing Vitamin
Manufacturer Dueba
Duration of use 1 year
Overall Diameter (DIA ) 14.3 mm
Diameter Graphic 15mm
Material Soft hydrogel (Poly HEMA), saline.
Moisture/ Water content 38% - 42% (most probably 38%) nothing is written on the vial
Base Curve 8.8 mm

Price $13.90 w/ Free Shipping Worldwide! (Plano and Prescription Available)

Not too big, not too small, just an ok size. i like its size. i dislike wearing over the top big lenses or heavy lashes, anything that i am not comfortable with.

i honestly like the soft pink! The only problem in some poor lightening they look purple but never the less i also love purple.

Very simple if you are looking at it from a distance or another person is looking at you wearing them.

it has a complicated fresh juice-mixing pattern into it, like latte or something but only near the outline. But that pattern is not so visible because the pattern is not strong or solid. So its perfect for those who are looking for a soft pink lens. As for the Outer line, it is a bit thick, so its perfect for me.

i am not sure of the exact water content of this one but it was comfortable for 5hrs straight then i had to use drops but not as often as using other pairs. i wore them for 10hrs straight, its was ok.

Looking for a 100% from korea and authentic product? Affordable? Free shipping?

Soft Pink with an outline? Yes? Then this is the one!

i have no idea what lenses to wear now, coz i love them all ahaha!

What do you think of Pink lenses? Would you or have you worn a pink lens before?


Why Do i Love this Shop?
Straight from Korea
Soft and Natural looking lenses Selection (Best for ulzzang and daily use)
Kpop fans will love this shop! Check out what your fave gal or boy wear and get it too!

Safety Precautions from Amz
 use a trusted brand of solution
 always make sure your hands and lenscase are clean
 you can use a contact lenses clip instead of your bare hands
 i have sensitive dry eyes, i bring with me my eye-drop everywhere, i use eye mo
 don't wear lenses the whole day, your eyes need a break from lenses or eyeglasses from time to time
♠ never use contact lenses while cooking, or near anything hot like shabu-shabu, bbq, smoke.

 Thank You so much  for Dropping by
Please do Leave a comment below if you have questions or anything to say
i Dont Bite,  All comments are appreciated.

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