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Wonder Pore Corrector

Hi Dollies

i am back with a Skin care prod review! Booyah!
i received couple of requests to review this one and here i am, Sorry it took this long.

Most of you or some of you know that i have pore problems but lately it has been better, i will post a different entry for all the products i use on my face to lessen my pores. As of now let us review this miracle product! i got this product from Etude House event press kit and boy i cant express how this is such a big life saver!

Hero Vintage Packaging


on the packaging
The english description and ingredients are written on the right side of the packaging
only. The rest all in korean, the whole back 90% korean and left side.

open up! You need to twist the cap instead of pulling it.

PHOTO BELOW is my cheek, my poor porefull cheek...
please excuse my photos, but to see is to believe!

The photos are Super Close Up shots. Bianeh~

P.S. - My skin Type is "Oily - Acne prone"
Age 20s

1. Maintain ph 4.5
i cant confirm this though

2. Refine skin tones
in my case it does help with the red spots

3. Keep the elasticity of pores
For me just few hours

4. Deep Cleans Pores
i kinda agree with this because i noticed my black and white heads were lessen a bit

5. Minimize Appearance of Pores
This is so true!

6. Control a large amount of sebum
True! it creates a clay like thin film layer on my face which i think is the reason for oil control

7. Moisturize inside and outside of skin
i think this is true because the product even if its for oily skin or pores is not that harsh, plus using the cooling tip makes my skin feel refreshed.

Price 748 Pesos Size 25ml (0.84 fl oz) Expiration 12 Months

ProsAside from the 7in1 Solution stated i like using this because
♠ its handy, travel size even! The packaging is ideal! it won't spill.
♠ the white gold coated tip, it feels like a face massage and very relaxing
♠ can see the results after few seconds or a minute, immediate result!
♠ best using this before putting my Pore Ever Stick Primer!
♠ instead of using just primer, the result will look more natural with the corrector and less chalky too.

♠ kind of expensive.
♠ does not work long term, its not a medicine for pores, its just a corrector for a while.
♠ takes time to dry / work so if you are in a hurry i do not suggest this
♠ kind of messy. Not hygienic. what i do is i press the package then put some prods on my face, whipe the tip with wet tissue then use it to spread the product. Not really pretty seeing the product go out and in from the tip so i squeeze out an amount then place it before spreading.
♠ has alcohol and silica in the ingredient for those who are avoiding them this is a minus.

i really like this product although i do not use it anymore every time i do my makeup routine.
its because i can use other things to cover up my pores that works same as this one.
Bottom line its not a must have product but its a nice product to have if you really want a deep care product for your pores. its not long term effect though.

Will i repurchase?

You can view it online here

important note
Products that might work or might not work on my skin, can either also be the same result for you or not. Our skin even with same type have a unique reaction to each products we use.

NEXT SKIN CARE ETUDE HOUSE REVIEW? Pore Ever Stick Primer! So stay tuned!

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