Event: ToyCon 2012

The event Anime, Cosplay, Manga Otaku and Geeks are waiting for including me! This event only happens once a year! You can buy rare finds! The collection you've been looking for might be somewhere in this event waiting for you. Meeting people of the same interest, feasting your eyes with all the figurines and collectibles! Raffles! Booths! And happenings! All in one place <3

im kinda a geek, i love Iron Man, Star Trek, X-men hmmm thats all i can think of lolz but i like everything else too specially Dr. Doom and Spiderman team up with Fantastic 4! i used to watch that when i was in elementary hehe but im not a big fan of spiderman ehem specially this up coming movie they changed the lead actor, i mean seriously.. Anyway i have nothing against the new actor, but do you know that feeling when you watched 3-5 movies of the same lead actor then they changed the lead actor? its like Harry Potter is not Harry Potter without Daniel right?

So much fun, and also ive spent quite an amount..i couldn't help it >,< i saw few Korilakkuma stuffies that i want to buy :3

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  The Kawaii Side  

With the Royal Gals, Free photo booth, and Free royal
Angelica of GloomyBear Japaneh fb shop and Me
it was so nice meeting her hehe, dont we look cute?

event held 3 days Friday to Sunday
Friday Retailers Day
Saturday and Sunday Collectors Display, Cosplay Event, etc.
im not able to attend this weekend. its ok since my priority is
the things on sale hehe
Cute characters

Anime Tumblers on sale for P150 pesos / $4
Samurai and Ninja stuffs
its an umbrella hehe, samurai one though =P

Super Mario figurines! they are so cute! Didnt find the other
characters though aw =(

Makeup on sale! NYX!

Hello Kitty Cuteness =3

Hair clips, i bought my sister one :D

from the shop i always buy from named "Rotten Shop"
they have new designs! the stuffies are P150 pesos each
i bought one! will show yall later ;)

This shop is new to me but they have very pretty accessories
ill post my purchase on my haul =3

cute hats on sale! Rilakkuma too!

Clippers, the only local store in malls to sell Rilakkuma stuffs!

the Huge Rila is P2,500 pesos / $58 more or less
this shop is also new to me but i super love the cuteness!

Cute Earrings and Hair Clips

Wigs are also sold

in demand fashion since few months ago, the hello kitty
or kawaii glasses, and its affordable

Barbie and Disney Collection available! for barb lovers ;)
Remember this shop? the one that i bought the neko bag from, well they have
bear bags which i was not able to see till now :)

Hair Ribbons and Accessories

Kuma Bags! they look so kawaii in person~



Super Handsome Goku <3 aahahah! 9000 x pogi points! 

find cute Chopper from One Piece! His wearing a bear hat awww...kawaii!!!
Dragon Ball Collection Awesomeness!

Chibi Stuffies


More Hello Kitty!
MANGA ALL YOU CAN! P100 each! Thats More or Less than $3 each!

Some of you know this game hehe :P
This is so far the best Takoyaki in Metromanila for me! Must Try!


Hello My Avengers babies!

BATMAN MODE! Coz im Batman!

Why So Serious?

GIJOE! im so going to watch the up coming movie!

its so FFFFF COOL!!! its half my size so its kinda huge
and its SOLD! dang! =P

What a lovely piece of art! *in tears*



Coca-Cola Vintage Collections

Happy Fathers Day! Never Mind the odd POP ROBOT XD

To see all the photos from this event, please click the link
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