Shopping and Status: ToyCon, Etude House, Gloomy Bear, Toyzrsweet, etc.

2nd week June 2012

Mixed Emotions T^T im Happy coz i got loads of kawaii Goodies and Etude House but im also frustrated~ My Money Nooooo!! Gosh ive been buying things weekly =_= i need to stop it soon O_O the stuff toys are much more expensive than my trip to Etude House...shimatahhh! 
My Cabinet is literally Full! 3 rows :"> im excited to share with you the Etude House reviews :)

Kyaaaa~ Oreshiiii desu wa~  Soo Happy!!!! Shiawase desneh~

Etude House 
♣ Silk Scarf Hair Treatment

♣ Sleeping Pack (Pore and Oil Control)
♣ Oh M' Eyeliner (Black)
♣ Essence Mask (Collagen)
♣ Free Shinee Memo Case
So Cute right? me likey :)

Everything <3 sorry for the dim light

  Purchased from Gloomy Bear - Kori Big Soft Pillow Type, Kori with Strawberry Bag, and K-On Mini Neko, Kori with bag

  ToysRsweet - Kori with Hat, Rila Blue robe, Rila Pancake

New Kori  and some Rila babies, K-On Neko also =3 

Rilakkuma Hotcake, Onsen Dango Robe, and Cafe *Nose Bleed* Eiiyaa~ 

 Super Rare Rounded Kori Winter Edition
 Cute Character Hard Surfaced Plushie
 Kokeshi Mirror, mini chain
 Accessories <3

QUESTION: if you have anything from the items in this post, how was it?
What is your favorite item from this post?
share your thoughts ;) leave a random comment if you want, anything nya~ arigatou gozaimas~

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amz mood
Happy hehe, yesterday i went to the mall again and had a great time :P

quote of the day
Count Your Blessings not what you dont have, because somewhere out there someone has less than you but is Happy.

i cant remember the last thing i re-watched is probably a movie? about vampires. Van Hellsing
i watched on youtube some Jonathan Ross Show interviews with the stars, very hilarious

listening to
Old Anime Tracks: Flame of Recca, Dragon Ball, Black lagoon, HxH ohayou song, etc.
Vitas Orchestra, Ryuichi Sakamoto Trio 1996 - Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, Boys Avenue,etc.

Latest Happenings
Adjusting to my new Firmoo glasses, yes its here! arrived finally this Wednesday, i love it!
Trying to tell my self that i need to diet and loose weight but i cant even start on exercising~

planning to
Watch Acchi Kocchi soon, go somewhere tomorrow, stay home today and arrange/clean things, find my files for editing, slack around lazy Saturday :P

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