Ocean Park 2012

if you live in the Philippines, you must visit Manila Ocean Park. Its a Fun Place to go for a date or a family outing, friends outing, etc. This is my 3rd time going here, the first time i went it was incomplete like way back 2008. There is loads of things now, Hotel, Bars, Rides, Restaurants, Mini Shops, etc.

Here are some photos from my trip this May 2012

For my first two trips to Manila Ocean park, ill be posting links in the end of this post.


Loads of fish to see, but i toke more videos than photos because its hard to take photos of moving objects, will try to edit the video and post it if i can.

Rock n' Roll \m/ im always amused by the Cow Fish hehe


Doris, accidental creative shot ;) no edit.

ayyayy Captain!

girl and the aquarium

the shark looking at me like "who the hell do you think you are?" lolz


i super loved the Seals hehe so adorable and smart, but i kinda feel bad for them for not being in their own natural inhabitant

BIRD SHOW & a Surprise!

my dad liked this show the best because my dad likes parrots and so on, anyway the big surprise was my dad and sister sat down with a hugs black cloth on the back of their seats, and the guy went to take it..appearently it was a SNAKE XD lolz my sister freaked out, it was so funny..good times :)) 



I never experience snow, i only experinced hale and it happened in Saudi, out of all places a desert huh? it was kinda awesome but it hit my head hehe.
Anyway its so cold inside *Tnx Ms Obvious Amz* :))
Do Not use any camera or phones unless its on old one and its ok if it will not work again. My Camera was actually acting up inside this ice room..it was fun :D

it might look kinda cool in the photos but once you look down from the edge youll see Garbage, and a black colored sea. And its very sad to think that Manila Govt. is not taking care of this. Its so embarrassing..ive seen foreigners taking photos of the garbage they see floating on the side of this bay...is this what you call tourism?. Guys pls always remember that whenever you throw something in the sea it will affect the Marine Life and soon our lives. (im a marine life lover) <3


Cute Shark and Clown Fish wearing Tiaras :)) 


Get your feet ticklish clean with the help of the kissing fishies hehe



This is an attraction you dont want to miss! its so astonishing and something to remember.
Dance numbers, 3D on water? yes! colorful fountains! beautiful shapes, the biggest tallest fountain ive seen in Philippines. And also the flames and mini Fireworks to end the show..lovely isn't?

My favorite! i super love jellyfish! and the background song "Canon by Pachelbel" my fave too!
how beautiful (stares then takes photos and videos) i wish i had an slr for this. One of my inspirations is an anime called "Kurage Hime"

For More Jellyfish photos pls click the link belowhttp://amz88.blogspot.com/2012/06/jellyfish-photo-collection.html 
i cant find my first trip post, will try to find it..

Here is my 2nd trip December 2010

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