Review: Garnier Pure Active Multi-Action Scrub

Sleek and hygienic 

 it does not look like your usual scrub, its more like of a gel cream or facial wash texture with tiny beads, most of us might be using this as a facial wash, or daily, im against it, i have oily-acne prone sensitive skin, and the salicylic acid is just too tense for my skin for daily use. my skin layer will be so thin causing it to be more sensitive which is something i dont want so i use it every other day, once a day before bed time.

This have been quite a hype the past few months, i bought this a long time ago but i don't regularly use it, i use it every other day most of the time, there is a week though that i did not use it.

♠ Affordable! i think the small one is 80 pesos which is $2
 Did not break me out.

Fights 6 Skin Problems?

1. Pimples
-it does work on pimples but of course not as fast as you want it to, if its a huge zit i suggest you use along with this the Garnier Roller for faster results which i reviewed here, its faster. but if you have a breakout use this too, it actually helps but these products are not recommended for very sensitive skin to use on a daily basis.

2. Whiteheads/Blackheads
- it did reduce my whiteheads, not all of them but most of them maybe 60-70%.
-reduced my blackheads 80-90% this is great

3. Oiliness
-reduces oiliness for an hour or depends on your skin type

4. Enlarged Pores
-i have pores because im blessed with oily skin, i dont this changed anything in terms of my existing pores but it helps preventing new ones.

5. impurities
-what other impurities there is? if its dirt, i think i still should be using a facial wash still

6. Uneveness
- i have fair skin and i get redness easily, so if i have pimples..sadly, its so easy to tell. this might helped just a little bit.

♠ Can be harsh on sensitive skin and dry skin
i suggest for sensitive skin to not use this on a daily basis
for dry skin use a moisturizer after

Recommended For
♠  oily-skin type who needs extra care for pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, oiliness.

♠ if you have pimples use the Garnier Roller along with this scrub
♠ you can use a facial sponge scrub, a beauty tool which helps cleanse your pores
 use this at night, if your going to use this during the day its best not to have exposure to the sun, the skin just got scrubbed so the skin layer is thinner than usual to protect it self from UV, use spf.

Will i repurchase?
Yes! Generally its a great deal! its affordable, it keeps my breakouts away, blackheads, whiteheads, and scrubs well so why not?

QUESTION: Did you try this already? if yes, How was it? if you did not try this yet what do you think about it? what is your favorite facial scrub?

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