Bday Post 1 (Korilakkuma Dark Chocolate Ferrero Rocher Butter Cream Cake, Gifts, {Sponsored} Manifesto Earring Clip)

front photo only

♥ ~ リラックマ aMz Korilakkuma Birthday Cake ~ ♥

WTH!!! Watt Da Heck!! Best Surprise Cake Ever!!

Better than i imagined. i knew they were planning to buy me a customized cake but damn..
When i first saw the cake i was so excited i ran all the way in our hall to my restroom "WAAA!!!" How obsessed am i? Look at my slippers lolz~ P.S.- ze cake is freakin' kinda made with Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Like whutt~ fave chocolate and this? *faints*

Thank You so much to those who greeted me on my Bday :D bloggers who are my friends on fb greeted me on me bday yay~ i received 150 fb greetings? and my Dad sent me an email of course hehe, i wished he called me :( Anyway my friends were so nice, even got some funny greetings, sweet ones, and crazy ones lol like "Happy Toothpaste" Lol who greets like that, it was hilarious..i was seriously reading then that? :)) Also text mssgs, and in person, everything.
i celebrated at home with my family and fave foodies. We are suppose to go out today with my friends but its re-scheduled, might go mini shopping this weekend though. i honestly dont want to eat in a resto these days, i might gain darn it! XD

Fuuuuuuuu~ its heaven!!! One of my fave themes is the Rilakkuma Cafe~ Kori Chef kawii 

My Lil' sisters Zai and Mina Gift, awww~ i was actually thinking of buying this one before, how come everyone is giving me kori stuff? *lol isn't obvious ur obsessed aMz* No im not!

Got them on my Bday wooho~ My Korilakkuma Sheep pillow have a partner now yay
Arpakasso/Alpacasso Alpaca - ness hehe, choco love, i shall call him Raj aka Rajesh :))
Couldn't help my self to get the pastel colored alpaca costume marie, and mini sky blue
baby Gloomy Bear, Nyatenshi, Freebies: Rilakkuma red ball, and Sentimental Circus!

Freebies yay~

FOTD Photo Spam + {Sponsored} Manifesto Wing Clip Earring

Dont yall worry its just me, it aint no vampire lol

Excuse my wearning only few makeups
-BB Cream and Finish Powder
-Contact Lenses
-Lip Balm

Single Earring Clip from Manifesto

closer look, cool right? i kinda want to buy more designs

playing with effects

goofy face with my Purple Gloomy~ i love purple ;)


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