Makeup Everywhere, Galactic Nails tryout, BER ranting..

front photo only

Galactic Nails, First Weekend of Sept, Phil-Cosmetics Expo

Hi girls, how you been? im not able to browse on blogs as much as i usually do but i surly hope you had a very nice first weekend of the month. i am so into this month, its BER months already? Gosh so fast! few months left and before you know it, its already New Years Eve aw..

im not sure how to feel about this...

i love birthdays specially my birthday lol but i dont want to get any older T^T Time Y NO PAUSE? huhu. its ok though, i kinda accepted it. i mean i have to, but im not glad about it ahaha! its just a number! thank God for another wonderful year of my life. i dont have anything planned for my birthday.

Who is having her birthday this month too? whats your plans? if your birthday passed na, how was it?

Happy Birthday to all BER girls! Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec! oh man im so talkative tonight :P

Phil-Cosmetics Expo

The Story:
i wasn't expecting to attend :P Me and my friends were hanging out at Megamall then we decided to check out the events, and i just recalled that this event is on going, im actually trying to avoid going in "Shopping Ban!" sigh...i did manage to not buy anything which is a good and a bad thing! kasi naman grrr so many makeup!

i just toke a very quick tour to avoid shopping hehe, and here is some photos :)

i was like O_____O

Love it!!!

some eau de toilette~

few photos :3

me w/o makeup, i was on a rush this day

So cute right? my friend doll, she also customizes doll dress, shoes, and everything, i just cant get my self to collect dolls, although i think they are cute i have a little phobia. in
fact i only owned one barbie when i was small and i gave it away.

Presentable Nails *clap clap* :)) 

with flash, just finished yay!

Tada! my Galaxy/Galactic themed nails :)) i used my fave colors instead of the usual green or turquoise color they use to mix with others. i used the sponge technique.
i did not have time to take photos for a step by step tutorial and im not so sure about my skills, i just googled it and did what i could, like what i always do  

How to
First Use a Black Nail polish then the colors you want
You Need 3 other colors you can think of that can be galactic like

using sponge:
Dark purple (circle shape in the middle or anywhere)
Pink (on top of the purple)
Dark Blue (on the side of the pink and purple circle or anywhere)
Neon Blue (placed another blue because the dark blue was not noticeable)
Finally Use a colorless top coat with star dusts i mean glitter (i did not use any because my black and pink nail polish already have glitters in)

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