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Alpacasso Collection

Hi Dollies

Here is some Alpacasso for All Kawaii Alpaca Lovers Out There!

LeTs PaRtY!

My Humble Collection

My Alpas before i sold some of them, and i already sold some before in order to make space for new rare arpas including the big snow alpa and fluffy with pokla ribbons, as well as a pink small one. That's for this batch, but i already sold so many.

Nope i do not plan on Hoarding more Alpas as of now hehe, in fact i think this might be the end of my Alpa-Hoarding! Well hmm i might buy few items in the future but that would be months from now. Since i already have the ones i wanted. if i will buy
only the rare and cutest ones!

Every time i open my cabinet im like staring and healing inside ahaha

p.s. sorry crappy photoshop i dont have much time kekeke!

The Big Stars

The Strawberry Alpa was one on my wish list, so glad i got it!

When you are buying from a facebook shop (manila/philippines based)
You must wait for the seller to upload, if she said 10pm you will be there before 10pm and the first to say (Mine or Get) Have the right to claim the alpa, you can also comment (Next) if ever buyer wont buy you will be next. its like a contest of who is the fastest to comment on facebook lol kinda exciting but also heart-breaking if you did not get what you wanted, specially if its on your Wish List.

Big Mama and Lil' Wayne ahaha just kiddin'

 Scottish Zone: Some beer here aye!

Earmuffs Alpas Lovey Dovey

 Small Chain Baby Alpas with Berries

 Some Pink Alpacas

Newest Alpas. Scottish and Clown. Both from my Wish List, Granted! Yayyy!

Currently my fave baby alpaca, so sweet! so pretteeehhh!!!!!

Top three trusted facebook shops 
to buy Alpacas (Philippines)

Addyraemon LovesMe

Euan's Stuff Toys

Doreen Ballesta 

Sweet Kittens

The kittens i rescued more than a month ago, i always wanted pretty cats, fluffy ones, and all that but aside from being expensive, i do not see why i need to buy one from a pet shop while there are cats out there who also need a home, who are much more unfortunate. And really small kittens. Abandoned and such.

So i had this trauma. ( Do not read if you are sensitive with topics including pets)
We had a cat who passes by our house and stays at our garage from time to time, i discovered she had a fluffy kitten. And as i went upstairs to get some food i was thinking "why she only have one kitten?". i went down, opened the gates with pocky and some other food on my hands, as i looked down, the horror...i only saw the head of the kitten lying on the floor. Moments ago the poor thing was alive. Turns out her mother killed her. As well all her brothers and sisters. i was horrified! Just because she couldnt feed them she killed them. if only ive seen them and helped a little sooner.

Few months later i heard meowing from our neighbors clutter. The meowing did not stop for a day or two. The mother left this poor orange baby.

 Melon Kun

The most gentle cat i've known, i fed him via bottle when he used to have no teeth.
i thought he would die. Weeks ago he fell from the Terrace. His jaw was busted but did not crush any teeth or caused sever bleeding. Just a scar. 

This sweet Melon, can not leave my side. i am afraid that he will be too dependent.
if he gets locked in a room alone, he cries right away.

Personality: Quiet, Shy, Calm, but a cry baby
Favorite Toy: Ribbons and Wires
Favorite Food: Tuna

Macchiato - The Calico Cat

My sis picked him up from the street, he has brothers and sisters that were picked up an also adopted by our neighbors. His so fluffeh! Once a small quiet baby, became a wild adventurer. The thing is he likes too much attention, anything i do he tries to bother me. Sits on my laptop, blocks my view if im on my ipad. Sits on Wacom pad while u r drawing.
Even chews my hair lololol~

Personality: Loud, Likes to Sit on lap, Tickles u, Hyper Active.
Favorite Toy: Paper Bags, Boxes.
Favorite Food: Chicken ahaha!

i rescued kittens but in the end i was the one being rescued.

We are pretty much close, like super close, you can check my instagram for more photos

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