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Circle Lenses and Line Play

Hi Dollies

Last week i finally got the two packages waiting for me from the postal
Two new circle lens, the Pink one from Beauty Lenses was sent from Korea.
The Grey Lenses i was craving for that is sent from Malaysia-Singapore postal
from the sponsor of my current Giveaway Love Shoppingholics

Reviews soon! i am so behind schedule for the Circle Lenses Reviews, i
haven't still reviewed the one from Pinky Paradise. Bare with me as i am
in the process of doing my papers for my new work, as well as taking care
of financial/accounting of our family; from my sisters tuition, allowance,
bills, even groceries. Omoh it looks like i said too much information hehe.

Regarding Line Play you will find it super fun as they have so many Halloween
themed dress up and items for decorating your virtual home in Line Play.

if you are fan of Doraemon, you should totally visit his home there. Snoopy,
Bom of 2NE1, and other characters/celebrities are also living in the world of LP.
i love dressing up games, specially the cute ones.
My Line Play ID is aMZzki Punkybunny

The Versatile Blogger Award

One of my readers nominated me for this Award
Lovely Romina from Peru
Thank You Muchie

Romina made aMz Happy hehe

i like getting awards or tagged posts because they always have interesting rules and questions which is made for bloggers to know more about each other.
This time i have to share 7 things about me.

7 Things About Me

1. i watch too many Kdrama and Jdrama but i don't usually finish the Korean Dramas because the endings are too predictable and i feel sad because it is finished.
2. i rarely eat chocolate and sweets but i love the luxurious ones!
3. i attended All Girls School from Primary till Secondary first year in Middle East.
4. i believe having too much is as worse as having nothing.
5. i like slacking off but i get bored easily if i do, confused? ahaha! 
6. i am not sure if i am a geek or nerd, perhaps both. it might not look like it but i always worked hard in school: Valedictorian, Scholar, Dean List, Top student with Presidential Medals, and Certifications. And i work hard: Dell, ABS-CBN, etc. Despite that i have a bubbly personality
7. i am The Batman. Just kiddin' lol. My Mother is Filipina w/a spanish Grandfather.
My Dad is Arab African, Grandpa is North Sudanese, Grandma is Egyptian with beautiful green eyes, and golden skin/hair. if you are reading this...kekeke~ Now you know~ Shhhh~

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Watch List October 2013

Nodame No Cantaible - Best Live Action Ever! Watched TV series and the two movies!
The Heirs - totally digging it! Park Shin Hye, i like her! The story is good too.
Seigi No Mikata - About a cruel older sister. Digging the comedy plus Mukai Osamu is in it!
Moyashimon - Cute micro creatures, learning about agricultural in a yucky way ahaha! i do not have anything else to watch damn...
BOSS 2 - Just watching an ep if im bored. i like japanese detective dramas, the best one was Monster, and Mr Brain.
Jang Ok Jung - Continuing it after stopping for months, just out of curiosity. 

Anyone has Japanese or Korean Drama Recommendations? Romance Comedy?

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