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Hi Dollies

Ok i don't know why i used Pikachu but yah ahaha so cute right?

i went to this place last month because i was craving for Sashimi
i am really trying to find a place with fresh sashimi. The memorable
fresh sashimi served in Boracay was just too heavenly that even people
who hate it will love it! i just want sashimi so bad

The Menu

with Apple Green color, so unique and cute.
They don't just have Japanese food, but also they have Korean food!
Which i didnt see on their website but i guess its the latest product thats why.
a place where you can eat from the both worlds! Japan and Korea, Great!
to View the Menu Click Here

P.S. - you have to use the left and right arrows on the pc or laptop
in order for the menu to work

The Foods

The only reason i ordered this because i wanted to try it!
And the Doria is because i wanted to try something new.

i was going to order Gyudon or a korean dish but i ended up getting these,
which kinda makes me regret. Next time ill order something usual w/ something
unusual. Both my orders were new to my taste which made me feel so weird.

Punching my self coz im baka or this gif is too cute so ill use it hehe

Unagi Teriyaki P295
Grilled fresh water Eel marinated with teriyaki sauce.

i prefer the dry cook but this is the Eel Available.
For this one i think it tasted too fishy, and similar to Bangus or "Milkfish"
This meal does not come with rice. So its not fulfilling.
Sadly i do not recommend this.

Chicken Teriyaki Doria P245

i'm always craving for melted cheese meals! i think this one is ok however
the taste is plain both chicken and cheese. i have ordered melted cheese
meals before and i still really like Ala King instead of this one. And for 245?
i think its kinda expensive.

Sashimi Mix 350Php

i really liked this one, its not as fresh or same taste like the thin sashimi cuts
and freshly caught that i had when i was in Boracay but its ok. Plus i think 350
for a whole plate of sashimi is a good deal.

Thick slices, taste ok.

Slightly thinner than the tuna, i like this one the most.

First time Ika Sashimi, hmmm sticky but good, cold. i think this is best in summer.

Tastes sweet which is unexpected, i eat a little bit from this if i want to shift from one sushi kind to another.

Kani/ Crab Sticks
The old good crab sticks.

if you are not a Sashimi person, do not worry!

They offer so many kinds of Maki and Nigiri-Zushi
On my next visit i'm ordering California Maki and Korean Beef!

Almond Milk tea (medium) P115

Ok first of all why is it a beer mug?
i did not expect this...

This milk tea = Heavenly

Best Milk tea i had so far! And because of this i can not wait to order milk tea again from this store. With so many choices and flavors! So hard to decide. Next time im getting Chocolate Milk Tea.

Because i have OC / Over Cleanliness issues

i noticed this. Ugh! i had no time to argue over this plus its far from my drink
but yah its DIRTY! The handle is DIRTY! (faints) Over Acting? lol

i Strongly advice that you order the large size or ask if they are going to use Mugs
for Medium Size.

Some Ads

Wrapping Up the Review

Tokyo Bubble Tea SM Megamall Ph
Claim: This review is from my own personal experience and taste.

i recommend the Sushi and other side-treats. i do not recommend the main course dishes because of the pice and my experience but its up to you if you want to try the korean dish or the best seller omelete and seafood meal.
Bubble Tea
The Best! i will come back here just for the Milk Tea!

The Staff
Very nice and friendly, serving with a smile.

Some areas have cushion seats which is my favorite! But the only main problem with this branch is they lack privacy for customers because the dinning area is exposed and in the open space. Also the dirty mug handle issue.

Great place for sushi or snacks and Tea! if you do not mind being sort of exposed to the public.

Korean Bowls, Sushi, Milk Tea, Coffee, Smoothies, Japanese meals and side dish, many options.

Megamall (Ground Floor Near Food Court)
SM North Edsa
Green Hills
Tomas Morato
Fort Bonifacio


QUESTIONS: Did you Try Eel before? How was it?
How about your favorite Milk Tea Flavor?

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