SkinCare | THE FACE SHOP Herb Day 365 Cleansing Foam in Lemon

After almost using this for more than half a year, i finally had
some time to review it! So this product is 100% Tried and Tested.
Also its my second bottle already. i'll tell you why later.

basic facial wash tube. Not hard to use, but when your
 almost running out of it you need to push it like one of
those toothpaste tube. Better yet open it with a scissor,
if you really want to use it all up.

the color is white, and same creamy texture
as any korean facial wash, but with a bit of
medicine smell.

other cleansing foams
Hmmm Mung beans? Munggo?! WOW! i wonder if this works great with skin.
if someone already tried the Mung Beans, share with us your experience.

It's actually my second tube now. i used to use different products to avoid and heal my acne prone skin and oily skin such as tea facial wash and garnier anti acne wash etc. However as i aged...ugh. i figured i needed something more for pores, brightening, and scars.

i actually have less oily skin now (i need the oil actually) its a natural anti-aging fighter.
My favorite lemon wash is TONY MOLY however they are always Out of Stock now.
So i am telling you if you can find that one its better! This one is my second choice.
And i am now thinking of replacing this with a collagen and anti-pore facial wash.

♠ Does the cleaning very well
♠ Brightening effect of course its lemon
♠ Prevents future acne
♠ Minimized amount of future blackheads and white heads
♠ Lasted about 6 months Daily use. Depends on how much you use it, it can last longer
Not Loving
♠ i didn't like the smell but i got used to it. its not that bad.

These are not disadvantages, because usually you need to use a different product for the following:
♠ does not heal current pores and acne
♠ does not heal the scars 
♠ does not take off current black heads or whiteheads

Over All
i feel clean after i use this, its not a bad product

Will i repurchase?

in case you need to read
the contents. 
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