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Hi Dollies

Today i decided to make a Fashion Review again.
This has been more often than Makeup and skin care reviews but
i will get back to that soon, truth is i have tons of review materials
and i don't know where to start.

if you like Cats, Fox, Pugs, Panda, Cute monsters, Gnomies, Ninjas, Unicorns, Whales, and everything silly and fun. This is your place! i think they should have called it Silly store or the Fun store, it could have been much better than calling it the stupid factory.

items that i like

This Shirt and Pen if i'd see them next time, totally buying! Rocket

 Panda: "Oh hello mademoiselle"

come to the dark side, we have cookies


its going down like...LONDON LONDON LONDON!

i duno how and why should i wear this but i think i would!



Store Review & Purchase

So Much Color! i was two steps away from buying that panda thing!

Kawaii Slap!

Plastic Bag so cute

Gifts for my Dad and Sisters, and for me and my friend Moggi Chi
i couldn't find a shirt i wanted for my self or my sisters and friends
that really stood out. So i skipped the shirt and bought these.
im not a spender, im rather the frugal type so its a buy 1 take 1
coin purse ahaha! $10 for a purse, and that zombie knee high socks is $8
so all in all it was around more or less $38 Great Deal haha!

Although from Personal Experience these purse only lasted like
few months, maybe 3 to 6 months (rough user) so i suggest not
using them for coins lol i know. just use em for paper money 
p.s. - not the filipino paper money toys hehe :P ok corny na haha!

Branch Locations
US, Canada, UK, Ukraine, Middle east.
And the only country in south-east asia: The Philippines.

This store reminds me of this movie below. i discovered this store last year same year
this movie was out. And i reviewed it. 
if interested click the link:

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