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Hi Dollies 

i hope everyone is doing great! finally a circle lens review!

Package Arrived! i am always excited when i have a package
Waku-Waku des~

i have two more circle lenses to review after this one. Stay tuned!

Lens Village Package

All the way from Malaysia

Everything is so cute!

Dolly Eyes in Green

This was actually a surprise!

My very first lenses were Green and Natural looking but the size was normal,
so no dolly eyes effect, unlike this one. Anyway i did not buy Green Lenses
ever since the first one, so i was kind of excited and curious about this

No Flash photo

| Top: Size Comparison   |  Mid:  Flash Light  |  Bottom: indoor light

inside the Package
- Circle Lenses wrapped with a cushion
- Circle lens cases which were cute colorful animals
- Lens Village promotions and Cards

Origin  South KOREA
Brand  The Dolly Eye
Overall Diameter (DIA ) 15 mm
Diameter Graphic 15 mm
Base Curve 8.6 mm
Moisture/ Water content 55%
Material ...
Duration of use 1 year

i like the size

Soft Dolly color, great with flash photos. But if your after a soft green this is perfect.
i am actually into dark lenses at the moment, this changed my mind. i now want dark soft Grey, Blue, & Green lenses. i Have them all! i reviewed the grey one before, it looks grungy! The blue one i am going to review next.
However its not for enhancing natural brown eyes, instead its covering my brown natural eyes and looks like a dark green/black color in dim light. 

natural soft big green eyes on in door lights, not so special design. Natural Dolly Green eyes with flash light.

its comfy but i did not wear this outside yet.

i love it! i will use this more than my brown lenses probably because i want my style to look much darker. Bye bye Brown eyes for now. Brown = Mori Gal. or kpop ish.

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Safety Precautions from Amz
 use a trusted brand of solution
 always make sure your hands and lenscase are clean
 you can use a contact lenses clip instead of your bare hands
 i have sensitive dry eyes, i bring with me my eye-drop everywhere, i use eye mo
 don't wear lenses the whole day, your eyes need a break from lenses or eyeglasses from time to time
♠ never use contact lenses while cooking, or near anything hot like shabu-shabu, bbq, smoke.

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