Movie Review: The Avengers and 21 Jump Street! Lets go Weekend!

My Experience (Tickets/Crowd)
Watched this at Cinema 4, Eastwood, Wednesday April 25, 2012. The place was packed, i wanted to watch it in 3D but the line was on the other bldng, my dad was already in line so we decided to watch it even its not in 3D. I think thought is ok for me not to watch 3D from time to time but i really wanted to watch this in 3D. Ticket costs P200, the seats in Eastwood Cinemas is one of the most comfy cinema seats ever! im thinking of trying their Ultra Cinema 7 soon =P i cant believe i haven't yet..

Back to the movie, our tickets were almost the last ones for 5pm! we lined up 3pm, gosh! the result..were not sitting together, which is fine with me though. I hate a crowded theater, the girls behind me were so talkative, like every trailer...

Girl 1: "start the movie already.."
Girl 2: "yah"
Girl 3: "jeez.."

and they keep saying the same thing after each trailer which is ridiculous =P

First appearance of Captain America, a girl or a gay guy screamed "AHHH" and it was funny coz he/she screamed really loud the whole cinema laughed their ass off XD its like seriously excited (kilig lang to the bones) and repeated it the 2nd appearance of Captain America...excited much. 

i think some people watched this movie because they wanted to see Captain Americas ass not watching it because they love Marvel but u know...whatever makes them happy..and again the three girls talking every scene of Captain America 

Girl 1: "his so adorable.."
Girl 2: "yah"
Girl 3: "jeez.."

After the movie all the girls toke photos on Captain America Poster..only him. And the boys were really excited, ive seen a guy in his 40's wearing a Hulk shirt, and when they just stepped out the theater they were doing the moves of the Avengers lolz

The Movie
is worth watching! so many funny moments specially with ironman comments, and hulk moments <3
although it was a great movie and worth waiting for, i still feel something is missing, like more action maybe? coz i only saw some real action before the end, u know the war, but the whole 3/4 was like story telling, discussion, etc. or i just need to watch it in 3D maybe? hehe

The Movie
Eastwood Monday April 23, 2012. 
So freaking funny! at first i thought it was going to be an average movie but it was hella funny! You must watch this if you love comedy movies, surprise appearance of my CRUSH! <3 

im suddenly thinking about what are my readers and co-bloggers favorite movies?

Movies i watched in the theater this month of April so far..
(crazy right? my pass time with family lolz)
-Wrath of the Titans
-Mirror Mirror
-Sector 7
-21 Jump Street
-The Avengers

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