i bought my JR PASS online from

We ordered two 7 days JR PASSES. Delivery fee depends on your area
We got ours delivered to the first hotel we went to in Japan because we ordered 
just several days before the flight, quite sudden if you asked me. So in order to 
insure we were going to get the passes we did this.

Payment was safe and easy. Delivery dates and time is also mentioned here:

i used to think once delivered i do not have to do anything and its the passes it self already.
But you have to exchange your letter with the actual passes, you can do that in airports or any
station listed in the pamphlet that is included in the package. Since we got ours in our first hotel
and not before we went to Japan, we did not get to exchange it in the airport, instead we exchanged 
it in Tokyo Station before riding the Shinkansen or the Bullet train.

i was delivered March 31, we arrived April 1, and we only stayed for the night in the
hotel, it was pretty hectic right? but never the less a damn success!


Depending on you itinerary. There is a lot of kinds of passes, regional, and daily passes.
So depending on how many places you are going and if you need to use the bullet train too.

Personally i was only going to Tokyo at first so i booked flights only to Tokyo.
Then later on we decided we wanted to visit Osaka and Kyoto too.
So instead of wasting money on re-booking our flights bound to Osaka,
i decided since we are using the bullet train from Osaka to Tokyo anyway,
lets just get a National JR PASS for 7 days and ride the bullet train from 
Tokyo to Osaka too upon arrival.

In conclusion in my position i actually saved a lot of money.
1 Ride of bullet train from Osaka to Tokyo prices are from $130 to $160
so i still have $100 right? i used the JR PASS on all ordinary trains in 7 days
if that is not enough reason, i was on the shinkansen 6 times i think but the 
longest trip was Tokyo to Osaka and Osaka to Tokyo.

My hotel was in Osaka and i used shinkansen to go to Kyoto 12min instead of regular train
1 hour and 12min. Awesome! I also felt like a VIP because instead of going through the beep
system, i go through the side where the guards are. The JR PASS is literally a ticket not a card.

So before you purchase any pass i suggest you see your itinerary.
use google maps on all your planned locations and click on the train icon.
you will see how much is it per train. After you calculate everything,
decide if you need any kind of pass. There is also other tourist passes.
Personally i used SUICA in Tokyo after the 7 days, its cheaper than any pass,
since i only have few places or one place to go per day. a ride is 400-800 Yen a day for me.

i really hope this post is helpful to anyone.

P.S. - i was not paid or sponsored to make this post.

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