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K O R E A | D A Y 1

Hi Dollies & Dudes

Been itching to travel somewhere, i wanted to go to Tokyo originally but im too busy to even apply for a Visa, and the hassle? omg. I also love Korea so i went there instead :)

There is no straight flight where i am going, but maybe from Clark airport yata meron...
I didn't go to Seoul Airport, went straight to Jeju, because i don't have enough time and i'm only interested in UNESCO sites, though there is one in main land but most of them is in Jeju. So if your a Nature Lover, Geology, and UNESCO, you'll love JEJU!


all rights and credit go the rightful owner of this drawing and gif.

No matter how long i stay in any flight i never get sick of this view

S K Y . P O P C O R N

 When i arrived! Airport announcements and everything were in 3 languages:
Korea, Japanese, and Chinese. i was hyped! Ahaha! Felt agad agad im in a

korean tv drama series lolz! Excited much?

Arrival Story

Saw a Cute Cartoon Bus at the Airport (i cant find the photo yet), and it was raining really hard, like Manila Storm Hard, i was wondering if it was ever going to stop.

After an hour of drive in the provinces which they looked like the way up hill going to Antipolo via Ortigas way, all greens. 

i arrived in the afternoon, and my hotel was 1 hour away because i've chosen a 
hostel in the very south, its also my first hostel ever! (Need a separate review post)

I slept right away, i didn't have any sleep for days literally and tired from work..zzz
Woke up around 10PM - 11PM And surprise surprise! i was Hungry! PEGUPA!!!

Bought some food outside, the little store Ahjumma is closed already.
Convenient stores like CU and GS25 are nearby but i have to cross the street and stuff.
Bought some triangle onigiri and drinks but wasn't enough because i wanted something heavy, thank goodness i found an open place nearby Chicken Dariya. Midnight and all ahjummas in that place lol. its similar to Bon Chon, although the place felt like the ones you see in korean dramas, You know when they watch soccer this is a must! its like how Roasted Chicken during Christmas is a thing in Japan. So i ate it while watching korean TV. Btw out of the onigiri i like the spicy tuna onigiri the most :3 the chicken was delicious but its either sorta dry or super thick sauce, i like Bon Chon more ahaha! Although the meat on this one has taste unlike bon chon meat its tasteless, the skin only has taste.

Kinda used the chopsticks for the salad, and their menu is a ref magnet.
Sauce and also powder flavoring is given, and two mini sodas.

Below Photo: Left Sweet Chicken, Right Ordinary.

Travel Guides i grabbed the day after.
i actually have my own itinerary ready. Places i am most interested in.
And its UNESCO sites, Green, Flora and Fauna.

Had breakfast in my room, Left over ahaha! Then went out around 10 AM  i think...
Went to the Convenient store and got Apple tea drink and water. OMG Im typing so much, wow this is rare.

Cheonjiyeon Waterfall 천제연폭포 

The cab i rode on the way here had a woman driver, so cool ahjuma!

i was too kawaii that the lady had to ask me my age because she thought i was below 22-23 so i can get a discount. But im wayyyyy older ahaha! YES i do not look my age!

if your under 22-23 Instant Discount too!

P.S. - its my first time ever to see a real natural waterfall ahaha! i know...

its not 10,000 won, thats a promo thing for the duty free
Ticket is 2,000 yen each for an adult, 4,000 for two and its $4
PHP 80 each approx

The place was full of life and green! Like mountains, tree, river, ducks, geese, birds, and of course the famous Jeju Statues and some other stone statues, flowers, etc.

its a very small park and you can walk in and out in just an hour or even less.
This is perfect for anyone! What i love about this waterfall is that they made a 
friendly park for tourists; most waterfalls in ASEA you have to go through rocks,
and nothing but pure mother nature which is also lovely but not as easy access as
this one and i love parks too, so its just lovely.

in JEJU you will see the Dol hareubang 돌 하르방
They are considered to be gods offering both protection and fertility and were placed outside of gates for protection against demons travelling between realities.

i just call them Harabuji Stones, or Grandpa Stones hehe

So relaxing, NATURE to the max

OMG love this trail so much!


 FAUNA / Animals of the park

Lovely Chinese Spot-Billed Ducks, Ross Geese, snipe birds, turtles, some other types of birds in Cheonjiyeon Waterfall eco system

Below Photo: i thought it was a tree bird but its actually a colorful mandarin duck.

A Snipe Bird Grey Heron Flying above the waterfall


its a huge waterfall, its not clear in this photo how huge it is but ill try to upload the video, so you can have more feel to the place.

Lelz! Vittel water commercial

Cheonjeyeon Waterfall 천제연폭포 

This place in my personal opinion is prettier and much more to see and do
but its not an easy level mode, you have some stairs to climb, its all worth it though.
However this climb is nothing compared to the hell i went through in Sunshine Peak ahaha! But still bring your fluids gals.

Admission: 2,500 won each / $2.50 approx. / PHP 100 approx.
Discount for students and children available, as well as group.

Going down to the first one, Pond of the Gods

its pretty and peaceful, very lovely but sadly i did not fall in-love with it as much as i anticipated.

Theres a tiny cute waterfall on the right side hihi

천제연폭포 Cheonjeyeon Waterfall - pond of the Gods
Shot above from my instagram account PunkyBunny

Second Waterfall

Challenge Time! its a lot of stairs and walk 10-20min till you get to the second waterfall.
The place looks like Tarzan Trees and surrounded by nothing but Green.

i love this waterfall omoh, it looks less interesting in person, tho photo is just too nice hehe.
i have a separate instagram account for my photography and the shot below is one of them, i hope you guys like it.

Seonimgyo Bridge 선임교

Love this bridge,its huge! but not like massive...wait i have a photo from afar (tiny self)

The bridge is really high, you can see the sea, and really tall palm trees at the left side
on the right side you can see the waterfall and some houses.

As soon as you cross you'll see this fountain. Each one represents a special meaning.

view from afar, i went up stairs trying to reach the temple like rest house.


i really loved it! even more than the actual Buddhist temple i visited
The colors were really vibrant making it so alive!

The roof is so pretty, colorful art.

The view from here is breath taking! So i suggest you don't forget to go to the second floor.

walking towards the exit, hungry! hehe.

Late Lunch Time

i went out and crossed the street to a building in front of me, i saw a sign for a restaurant on the second floor, and couple cafe or shops on the ground floor. There's also a near KFC.

i entered the Building and went to the other side, the building is small, i just literally went in and 10 steps straight and the exit, and BOOM! Kpop Museum with loud music and couple of other cool places. But first we eat.

Ordered Beef BBQ with soy its around 30,000 yen / $30 / PHP 1,300
That's round one, there's a second serving of beef. Good for two.

The menu was in english, and one of the staff i think is filipina and can talk english,
the others are all nice ajuhma, one thing i noticed though if your ocd you might not
want to dine here, its not that bad but its not squeaky clean, apparently its normal
here. i enjoyed my late lunch.

After a heavy meal, rice and all that, stuffing leaves with bbq. I kinda eat like the girl from
Roommate 2, the one same age as Jackson Wang, crocodile Mouth mode! AHHH!

Anyway i was humming Tae Yang song "Lips, Eyes, Nose"
There's a 9-10 year old korean girl who looked at me amused.

Starbucks with a Twist

This Starbucks is famous with koreans too and the owner collaborated with 
Ripley's Believe It or Not! Museum 믿거나말거나박물관

The Machine Monster mouth moves! its in the video im going to upload.

i fell in love with it even if its very colorful, i love steam punk.

Public Bus + Night Mini Shopping

 Took a bus to Tourist Hotel i think?...Anyway it was 300 yen each
Bus Announcement were in 3 Languages again, cool. it was nice
to experience riding a public bus in korea, i only took this one
because it was hard to find a cab in the area i went to, the big CCI bldng?
im not sure ahaha! Anywayy Shopping!

 Sadly i couldn't find any clothes that i liked nor needed, so i ended up getting just these two cuties. 

rare finds or sort of and affordable from a random store on the streets of seogwipo . Grabbed the Pinocchio jumper for my friend and a classic anime Dr. Slump & Arale chan

💜💚💖 i dont usually grab kawaii shirts but yah yay! i got a pair of socks for Free.

Makeup Stores were beside each other, this brand caught my eyes, named BEYOND
well ultimately because of Alice and my boyfie Kim Soo-hyun is their model.
i bought a facial wash from them, but its not alice themed, will review soon.
They gave me alice nail stickers as "Service" which means freebie!

Kim Soo-hyun Oppah is everywhere! Here is a tea box from the convenient store
He is not the only actor on tea boxes. Even a bald guy was on bento lunch boxes.

He looks rather very pale on this one not even lip tint? Oh thats because of the
printing press budget, almost black and white print of him. Still Handsome kekeke~

Dinner from CU or GS25 Convenient Store

 its was a meh meal but i was too tired to eat outside and just wanted to eat at the hostel and sleep right after hehe. i really do not like all the kimchi i tried so far even in korea.
Am i the only one who thinks Kimchi is too sour or not good? Dinner at 10PM i think.

i also went to the convenient store took a lot of photos before going to the waterfalls
i'll leave it for a separate post.

Today was like an adventure indeed, as i did not plan everything; i actually wanted to go to a lot of places but i was ready by noon and i wanted to have a slow day, so i took my time walking and everything, but i found the kpop museum, teddy bearmuseum, believable it or not museum, all beside each other. 

Loved the Starbucks! i mean did you see how store looked from the outside and the variety of pastries? Omoh...

i also did not expect to see a shopping district that night, i made it there like 7 or 8pm and enjoyed strolling. 

This was my only laid back day, Day 2 was like "Amazing Race" Challenge. Day 3 schedule was packed. Stay tuned for future posts!

Quick Video of Day 1

 Thank You so much  for Dropping by
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