TRAVEL | La Luz Resort, Batangas, Philippines - Day trip with my Family (Post #615)

Finally a time to relax

its my second time going to La Luz Batangas!

i've been in some of the public beaches of Batangas, its kinda far from La Luz with brown sands, not fun at all. And iv'e been to two more neighboring resorts. However La Luz is still my favorite resort in Batangas!
 i L o v e  N a t u r e


on our way we have seen filipino province culture sights
Mountains, Greens, and Carabaos

As you Enter
Pinoy na pinoy, love it!

The B E A CH

its not exactly white sand like Boracay but its still amazing, 
its not brown either...its Alabaster or ivory

see? Not bad right? and the water is clear Blue to Green

They have two areas: the sandy beach or the coral rocks beach where you can snorkel
My Dad loved walking on the coral rocks bare-feet, he is into Physical Therapy and he
said its one of the natural healing ways to walk on coral rocks. And the rocks are so
pretty too. I'm glad My Dad liked the place...really. He even went for a massage service.

i love the rocks! i love nature. The end. ahahaha!

One of the reasons too why i love La Luz is the Rock, i climbed up there and took photos
Never skip climbing this rock on the most right of the resort! Be extra careful though.

i wanted to stay here forever and stare but it was of course hot...wear a hat

the rock

The Stay

Jet-skis and stuff although im not sure if that jet-ski is La Luz's

relaxation woot. Oh btw some Caucasians kayaking ran to the beach because they saw two whales
They were actually more excited than scared

we went snorkeling teehee~

The Food

how the dinning area looks from the beach

the buffet setup, the three people taking food...they're my sisters ahaha!

we went vegan and seafood only

we went vegan and seafood only

On The Way Home

Magnificent sunset of the Philippine province

The Review

- Free wifi (yes people i know u want to know this first)
- Affordable! Friendly staff! Specially the Receptionist.
- 2 to 3hrs Away from Metro Manila only, no need to ride a plane.
- On the way to Batangas we enjoyed the view of a filipino province
- as you enter a very friendly staff is there with some Gulaman welcome drinks
- Filipino Bamboo themed! Really Lovely! Culture Love!
- Snorkeling Activity and others such as Banana boat, Spa, etc.
- Food wasn't bad but not great either, it was ok, and for the price too. The food is clean btw.
- So many different fish in my snorkeling experience!
i went to Boracay for a Helmet diving experience but snorkeling here was way better for me. 
in Boracay all i've seen is 3 kinds of fish and a tiny coral reef, time was limited too. And damn some fish in La Luz were so huge and intimidating. 

- No pools (to me its ok, im not fan of pools)
- The Reclining Bamboo Beach Chairs were Painted, not natural anymore.
- The coral reef for the Snorkeling Activity, it was dead. i felt so bad for it, as i am an animal & nature lover, i hope the corals can recover somehow.
- The rented life-saver for snorkeling were very old but considering the price its ok i guess

- After a quiet morning and lunch, 3PM onwards was a chaos...a group of teens were doing their Team Building in La Luz...seriously?. im speaking for everyone here when i say that "i was trying to relax". Some resorts have utilities and games for team buildings. Why did they have to do it in the quiet La Luz...why?

Great way to escape the busy metro manila and its just few hours away, and the place is very cultural, from the bamboo entrance and design, gulaman, and even the cabanas look like "Kubo" because its made from bamboo. lovely place to get in touch with nature, the beach is amazing and quiet, the color of the sand and water is just amazing...its like almost Boracay! Snorkeling was a lot of fun, just be careful from jellyfish, my sisters claim they have seen one or three, i think it was already dead though but still it wont hurt to be a little careful.

900 - Per person day trip including Lunch and afternoon snacks
100 - Snorkeling gear, good for 3hrs
250 - Massage or was it 300 pesos

- Always call to inquire about anything, specially if your staying overnight before you go anywhere
- Ask for wifi password in their office beside the restrooms 
- Do not forget to go to the top of the Big Rock, Awesome view! 
- If you do not like the menu you can always order something else but for a fee 
- If you have any favorite cold or hot either powdered or not beverage bring it along and mix it here, they have cold and hot water.
- If you have children who would love to go snorkeling, they should bring their own gear, they only have adult sizes and bringing your own is also better than renting hygienically speaking.

La Luz Website:
LA Luz Facebook:
(02) 994 7656 , +63 (927) 805-3484

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