Fashion | Tokidoki in Manila 2014

Kawaii Fashionista Girls

i was not able to attend the launch or seminar TTATT but hey at least im lucky enough
to attend the rest of the event which is life size goodies and more! This is a late post
(as usual ahahah) Gomen! Event period April 25 - June 15.

i am slightly Obsessed with tokidoki.
Slightly! seriously. slightly XD

i'm a Graphic Designer but its not as fancy as it sounds.
i'm just a plain advertising & print designer since 2009,
however i love kawaii x gothic stuff, not colorful though...
i can draw a little but i am super lazy and i have no time to do it!
But i will! One of the things i wanted to do is Kawaii Branding
such as tokidoki, will see...maybe someday i will be motivated!
For now serious working mode: ON!

Giant tokidoki Sandy! Are you kiddin'

All Hail Giant Sandy! Kawaii Level is over 9000!!!

Look!!!! its Mozzarella! One of my Fave Moofia characters
i love Latte and Soya

Side view with background
them cat jellyfishies woah! How ingenious! My two favorite things in the world. 

Geek Alert!

My fave portrait design
Can i just steal the portraits and glue them to my room walls muwahaha!

This Vampy Char and Moofia whale
first time i've seen them hmmm

Hey Leopard Gorgeous Gal
Love the black leopard heart shape

Rainbow Time

Life Size Toys

Hi Ciao Ciao


too bad it looks so beaten up


doesnt look like her but ya, still pretty and similar

Who is this character? anyone knows?

i assume its HotDog King lol, nice belt buckle man...

so cute, even im not into monkeys as much its still kawaii

beware of...PinkZilla! Lol i just named her, i duno the char name

Special items

nice cap designs - Marvel x tokidoki

lovely shoes, i kinda want the black one but its kinda too colorful for me

makeup! The tin is just so ever pretty

Dolls and Brick Bears

nicely done


Mini Collector's Hall

i regret not buying more TTATT what was i thinking!

hi cutie pie

i would not know how to color this

why only this?whyyyy lol

i was budgeting this day because i did some major gift shopping

in korean makeup stores: Etude House, Tony Moly, and
The face shop. i'm regretting not hoarding. Although i planned
to control my self, it a success!
But still...i wanted more tokidoki trinkets huhu

One of each except the cactus coz i already have two of them

Box Details

Box Details & Packaging


i want the panda and sakura...kawaii

cute packaging kyaaa

im so lucky! OAO

moggi trinkets with Latte & Metallo Lucky!

for the phone strap i got a monkey


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