SAMMYdress Bag Review + OOTD "i'm On Mah Way"

SAMMYdress BAG Review

Hello There Yall!

How is everything going on with your 2014? So far so good? its been ages right? Well i've been super over the top busy working in my new company. Doing Product photo-shoots then editing them. im actually sick of photoshop now lol.

Remember the SAMMYdress Giveaway held last December?
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Everything is affordable! Shoes, tops, bags, accessories, etc. i made "My Favorite List". You should make your own list too. i learned to make lists while i am online-window shopping, so it would be easier to find if i want to purchase it some other time.

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Rock Chic Bag for just $16.51
They have bags that are much cheaper by the way! Like $1-$5!

Transaction and Total

Loving the Bag because...
 its affordable!
 unique design. Not too much Spikes, it gives this cheeky light rock star feel.
 No problem with the strap
 Perfect Size 28 x 11 x 19 CM
 Very Wide inside. The base is like 28 x 10cm. 
   2 Zipped Compartments
   2 Phone/pouch compartments
   2 Large Compartments. The bag is sectioned into two, each have 28 x 5cm base

Hating the Bag beacuse...
 The material is PU Leather, means it will not last years and years but given the price its not really that of a big disadvantage.

Why Do i Love this Shop?
 Easy to browse, you can create "Favorite List"
 Friendly Staff, they answer emails right away
 Easy and Quick Transaction

What do i don't like 
 The bag is not free shipping.
 Tracking my order online, it does not tell if it arrived in the country or not.

Although they have lots of products on Free Shipping and Clearance Sale, mostly accessories and clothes. But still it was affordable even with the shipping fee, so i suggest to buy in bulk after your first order, or buy two items if you feel bad about the shipping fee (if any). Would be heaven with free shipping though for this bag and other shoes i wanted.

Will i repurchase?
Yes! i have a bag and scarf, also a ring, tops and sweaters that i want to purchase and try.

i am in love with this bag! i have been using it for over a month now. Everything fits in including my ipad mini. 2 wallets, a phone. And a huge Makeup pouch. 

in my opinion you should totally try to order a bag from SammyDress, if you've seen a unique and affordable one. Then if you will be satisfied, you can try ordering more next time.

However i haven't tried ordering clothes and shoes from this shop so i am not sure about the quality but i am willing to give my review if ever given the chance. So if you wanna be updated please follow any of my social networks or Bloglovin', xoxo

Try browsing their site to see what they have!
p.s. This bag is currently out of stock aww :(

Thank you so much SAMMYdress
for this awesome bag!
 Thank You so much  for Dropping by
Please do Leave a comment below if you have questions or anything to say
i Dont Bite,  All comments are appreciated.

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