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Thanks to Kamile of Secrets of Camille who nominated me for this award.
Thank you so much, i really appreciate it when people remember me <3 br="">

I would like to nominate Everyone!

i can not remember that many blogs that i recently discovered instead i will share my favorite blogs:
 Numbered them randomly and the order doesn't indicate their ranks.

Seven Random Facts About Me
  1. Looks Snobbish but actually Quirky, Goofy, and according to research Adorable lol.
  2. i wear Eye-glasses and Circle Lens because of prescription
  3. One of my dreams is too see and feel real snow ( i know i will kinda regret this because its darn cold, but i want to ahaha) ill build a snoow mannn~
  4. i look the youngest in my family but im actually the eldest (Muwahhaha)
  5. i visited Africa Once or Twice when i was in primary school
  6. i automatically empty my recycle bin on my desktop every time...why? who knows lol
  7. i never tried eating Tayaki  
P.S. And i have a broad back :D What? its random ahaha!

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