December Update: Giveaways Winners/Weight/Moi

Hi Dollies

My close college friend Jen and me, eat all u can at Yakimix
Haggard bahaha~

We watched "Jack Frost or Guardians" i like Santa there so
cool and the Easter Bunny, accent and looks of both perfect
although the ending is too cheesy but its a children movie lolz

Woot this is the longest period im off from blogging, well...there is nothing to blog about, ive been not shopping and beautifying, im more focused on working out and gaming...lolz
Although as usual i bought some skin care prods and kawaii plushies but im restraining my self now, my goal is to save up :)

New year resolutions! i think mine is as same as last year coz i did not achieve any bahaha!

Soon immah buy a big Shappo plushie, Sentimental Circus bunny, i finally found one yay :D
i also plan to dress up my two big arpakassoz, i need to edit loads of photos >,<

playing TWOM/ The World of Magic
Server Devilang - Lanos race, Guild Rastafarii, Name: aMZzki
the girl in blue is me on my level 20, i am now almost level 25

Weight Update:
is the same lol! at least i stopped gaining, its Dec
and im eating rawr! i think i lost a kilo or two though ;)

Health Update:
im not having palpitations, my work out helped me alot
i also drink milk so often so i dont need as much as caltrate
i used to have for my left knee, the only thing left now is weight
Gambareee!! Atashi hehe 

Giveaway Winners and Update

April G.
Bilog A.
Clara C.
Dovi S.
KC Borja
KC Samson
Marie Jane
Sheila Mhay
Snow Dee

Be as cool as mexican chef arpa
with glasses on hehehe so cute

Chai Chen

Congratulatios and Thank You so much for joining 
im so sorry late update hehe, i sent an email to yall xoxo

Soon to be Announced :)

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